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  • Spot on. Once again defense takes a back seat to OP offense. Haven't we given this feedback for years and they literally do nothing about it.
  • Also. Why is it that when someone is preparing to shoot a one timer and it gets intercepted the would be receiving player still follows through with the shot animation? Why was this added? When I play defense and the puck gets picked off from a good…
  • Poke check is definitely more viable but theres still some head scratching trips. Just dont revert to 19's settings. People are actually being punished for not moving the puck and cutting in now.
  • Completely agree even as someone who scores on 90% of the penalty shots. Penalty shots should only be rewarded for taking away a breakaway to restore the original scoring chance and that's it. The whole, "WeLl DoNt tAkE a PeNaLtY" argument is weak. …
  • Literally said this when I was reading about Star Wars Battlefront on reddit. EA has been doing pay to win for years with the Ultimate Team scheme and nobody batted an eyelash about "gambling". Is it gambling? IMO yes absolutely. You have people, in…
  • Kezz is 100% accurate. You want to talk about success? My team has consistently been a top 50 and in most years a top 20 club every year. Then we get sick of the nonsense and get burned out. I know it's may be shocking to some of you but you can be …
  • New gen just hasn't figured out the skating. It's been objectively bad and pretty much everyone here agrees accept the guy who still plays 13 and 14 on the 360. So I'd say we have a consensus for change. Like actual meaningful change, like an overha…
  • Couple superstars and mostly above average players. Acceleration and agility are still low in most situations.
  • To me when I play HUT it feels just as bad with most players. Acceleration is awful as well as pivoting and turning to make plays.
  • I'm with you on most of this. I really think if they improve the skating and "speed" of things then that will solve a lot of the issues we're having. As far as EASHL attributes go, I'm for giving us full customization but your proposal would be a fa…
  • I said in NHL 16 when these cookie cutter EASHL builds were first introduced that they were bad and stifled creativity and individualism and i was crucified for it. I still stand by it now. EASHL is still a great mode with bad builds and bad mechani…
  • Hockey IQ has never really mattered. Like other posters have said, skill gap compression is the M.O of EA. If people got blown out like they should or lose most of the games that they should then less people would play the game which is an issue bot…
  • Plenty of videos have been posted and largely ignored here and on the old forums. BMH posted enough videos to make 10 feature length movies of issues with the game. I posted a few as well. The issues have been chronicled and noted copiously.
  • Skating first and foremost is objectively bad. There's obvious tinkering that needs to be done that's been clearly chronicled. Is it playable? Yes. Is it where it should be? No.
  • What's funny and sad is that the post you're being condescending toward is completely accurate and your innocuous attempt at sarcasm just shows that there is no convincing EA and those that represent them that the game has been severely lacking for …

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