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  • Well, what comes to offline modes there's huge amount of things needs to be fixed and make more realistic. On be a pro this player growth working much better and it should be more like that on Franchise also. You tested this player growth on purpose with medium difficult level and more arcade sliders? Your player shouldn't…
  • Are you serious? It's full of bugs and things which needs fixing.
  • It's ridic why there's not transactions tab anymore for sure! It's super annoying cause you are basically without any clue what happens on your team and around the league. It's big problem and kills the mod.
  • Been ranted this problem since the release and Dev team knows the problem.. What comes to trades etc i guess there's something wrong there too. Sounds so lame that you can have a C right away after traded and also on you first seasons.. Oh and you're not be able to see it on your actual jersey :D
  • Why this new jerseys has been put to the roster update file? It use to be available and visible even if you were middle of career or franchise season.
  • No it's not possible, basically it's not happening on real life either.
  • There's still no list of injuries or transactions tab in this mod. Please it need's to be updated.
  • I have played with original and 1.00 and 1.01 which came right after the game released. Both works for me with quite same slider adjustments. Not gonna load any new ones cause it's overwriting the 1.01 right? No idea what this new tuner makes which released yesterday.. I suppose the most important thing is that when you…
  • This whole tuner updating is making a lots of troubles for offline players.. It's better to use same tuners all the time really, especially if you adjust sliders. Whole tuners are for online players right? Cause they cannot change sliders at all. So many times seen how tuners really can ruin the offline game..
  • Custom music is the answer for all these arena music and realistic goal/PP/PK songs. Dev's know that this is very wanted feature on past years, would really make playing more authentic and fun experience.
  • Oh, yeah i noticed something is missing on training option.. Remainder is good to have able to use if player wants that.
  • This patch felt quite ok to me.. Puck bouncing after hitting players much more realistic way now. Also big thumbs up is those highlight reels on pause menu after periods and after the game three stars with video highlight moments. This is very much addition which i personally wanted to be in this game. On Be a pro you…
  • Thanks for answering and clearing this. The problem has been that if you want more realism to the game you shouldn't put any 'aids' on but in this case it's more realistic to put on (incidental stick contact immunity) at least 50/100 cause of the tripping penalty problem which AI will take way too much. It must be…
  • Today we will get the first bigger update to the game. Patch log looked quite promising to me but didn't saw this features back we have discussed here (list of injuries, transactions etc) it kills quite much here at least for me.. Really need to see what happens around the league fully.
  • check this post related somewhat for this https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/265591/tripping-penalty-problem-solved-incidental-stick-contact-immunity-slider#latest
  • Yeah, this years game we cannot get real injuries as an BAP player.. You are only remain of the game out where you get injured. It's weird, is this again the thing where game want's you to be a superstar no matter what?
  • whaaat? please video of it!
  • This is exactly the worst thing to do for BAP mode, be a superstar no matter what. It's arcade and childish approach to this mode. EA really doesen't appreciate real hardcore players/hockey fans who want's realism on hockey game. Players who buy and play this game year after year.. Hoping that game is finished and done in…
  • This is just horrible.. Be a pro supposed to be better than ever this year and it's turned to be unplayable after one season! What is this "you're gonna be a superstar" no matter how badly you play?? It suppose to be hard and authentic mode to simulate getting to play on the toughest league in the world. You suppose to…
  • Really? This isn't anything to do with hockey, it's the mechanics how the whole be a pro works. Game development isn't easy for sure but EA is making a lots of money doing games and when you realize things has been done poorly and it's not because lack of time or money... It's not right to the hockey fans who buy this game…

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