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  • Why would EA Vancouver do anything that other sports gaming companies do that make sense?
  • Unfortunately, either does EA Vancouver.
  • I'm curious to know what exactly you have seen/heard that makes you think NHL20 is somehow focused on "making it more responsive"? Even in the trailer, they bragged about the "revolutionary", "cutting edge" skating technology in NHL19 that was supp…
  • In regards to the whole online vs. offline thing, I would like to have both. I used to play EASHL most of the time and it was fun, but the last few years all of my clubmates got sick of it after a month because players are spread out too thin among…
  • That's because their target audience is now online arcade seeking gamers that have never even watched a real NHL hockey game.
  • I agree with the OP that the offline modes were better in the previous generation (XB360/PS3). They were certainly more fun. Now it's just a boring grind. I'd much rather play other offline games even though hockey is my favorite thing. I would ven…
  • Isn't bragging about "Goalie Intelligence" in Arcade Pond Hockey 20 kind of an oxymoron?
  • I didn't think passing and puck pickup mechanics were a problem in Arcade Pond Hockey 19. EA saying they've improved something that wasn't a major problem in the last version probably means that it's going to go back to being a mess like in 18'.
  • Fair enough. Then explain how adding a boring, silent, clown costume, pond version of drop-ins in an NHL game is somehow going to bring in NEW players to an NHL game? What, there's this huge pool of gamers out there that were screaming for Arcade Po…
  • Explain how this boring, silent, clown costume, pond version of drop-ins somehow brought more players? That's ridiculous. If anything, it decreased the players. And how was it refreshing in any way? It was/is a joke. I didn't pay for "Refreshing P…
  • Totally agree. Did anyone really ask for pond hockey? It's suppose to be an NHL game.
  • You would think they would be targeting hockey fans, but NHL hockey fans (since the game title is "NHL 20"), but I think they're better off changing the name to "Arcade Pond Hockey 20". Then it's quite clear who they are targeting.
  • I used to LOVE EASHL. I played it every day. You used to be able to find plenty of games online (either club or drop-ins). Then they started dividing the community with 3v3, but even then, I had fun, even if it was frustrating trying to find 5v5 gam…
  • Link to NHL 20 New Features: http://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/features-overview" So, it's the same game with a few more stupid gimmick modes. The only interesting thing is the revamped broadcasting, but that will get old within a few weeks so mig…
  • I sometimes wonder if this team is the same one responsible for RBI Baseball. There's a reason by MLB The Show sells like 1000 times more copies, gets great reviews even when they don't do much to improve the game, and is acknowledged as the leader …
  • Half? For the past 10 years or so, I played NHL all year, even during years where it was really bad (like '15 on the next gen), but I stopped playing NHL 19 in like November because of the stupid outdoor rinks, clown suits, etc. All of my former cl…
  • It's pretty obvious that they don't care about actually selling copies of this game. They just seem to be trying to scrape pennies from the whole eSports phenomenon. That's a fad that will die just like all fads with no substance, so I guess we'll s…
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