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  • Base card Tarasenko. Love that card. Just works for me. Breakaway.......one hand tuck......every time
  • It was just the game condensed into an app. You could perform every aspect of ultimate team except obviously playing games. Auction house, my team, strategies etc etc. But as per usual, people found a way to cheat it and it got stopped.
  • When the server finds a match, why not bring up a simple message We’ve found a match, this persons DNF% is x% Do you wish to play or search again
  • EA just seem incapable of making a game where 2 people play online and the best man wins. I quit Fifa after 22 years because the scripting during games was ridiculous. So blatantly obvious they should be embarrassed denying it exists.
  • 3 green bars before the game then as soon as the game starts it lags, freezes, fast forwards. Absolute crap.
  • Is it attention you seek
  • I’m terrible at the game but manage the challenges, perseverance.
  • The challenges are fun to grind out and satisfying to complete. I find them to be a nice escape if youve lost 2 or 3 in a row online.
  • Progress: 6-4-0 in my last 10 seasons games. Starting each game with the most defensive strategies and using the first period to gauge how good my opponent is, strategy changes as the game progresses and becoming more aggressive and attack minded. Coming back from 3-0 down to win in OT was the perfect example of adapting…
  • always shoot low to create rebounds, shoot from tight angles to create rebounds, soon as you cross the blue line shoot at goal, when the cpu has the puck pull your goalie and let them score to save precious seconds, if your leading in the 3rd period pull the goalie and take the game to overtime, gives you another 2 minutes…
  • 87 simmonds - 88 Tavares - 91 McDavid 87 getzlaf - 86 dreisatl - 88 benn 74 McLeod - 84 Nugent Hopkins - 87 Tarasenko 75 Debrincat - 70 Hinz - 86 Gaudreau 90 Macinnis - 87 Josi 89 Weber - 87 Hedman 69 Merkeley - 87 Keith 89 Price 88 Murray Rocket Skates Fine Shooter Silky Smooth Thread the Needle
  • Lo and behold I’ve tried a more Defense minded strategy and won 3 in a row on seasons. 1-0 6-1 4-3 OT win
  • Completed the flames set for Macinnis. Apart from that I don’t see the point in the rest.
  • It’s not a connection issue I just can’t get my head around the game. I watch yt videos and people have acres of space and can cycle the puck around. I can’t keep the puck long enough to generate any offence. I really enjoy the game, I’ve been a fifa player for 20+ years but grew sick of it and decided to try nhl instead.…
  • I never said anything was wrong with the game, I’ve watched hundreds of yt videos and played 100’s of games.
  • Use arenas and jerseys to complete the heroes sets. I also like changing my teams look every now n then
  • Is their lives so dull that they need to cheat to see their names at the top of a virtual leaderboard? How pathetic. It’s a GAME, a non important, meaningless GAME. I’m regularly top of the leaderboards in battlefield 1 and used to keep #1 times on forza motorsport back in my Xbox days. So satisfying to know you were good…
  • Iv got 3 unopened moustache madness packs. Same problem, error code when I try to open them. I notice they’ve been removed from sets.
  • Another 3 Tyler Parsons this morning. 200 each. Flipped for 1250.
  • Tyler Parsons of the London Knights gives you 1 S and 1 TN as back-up goalie
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