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  • i ha the same problem in my sim franchise with 32 teams.... it gets better again after that 3rd draft
  • these faceoff loops are ruining this game. The product itself is decent but theres too many game breaking errors. I really dont understand how a company can release a product so unfinished. Our hard earned money means nothing to EA, we`re the ones that make sure they still have a job do to us paying for the game each and…
  • do it all over again?? what why on earth would you do it more then once lmao after the 1st CHL update just keep that file on hand and do all the WHL moves yourself, not hard. Im a hardcore WHL fan myself and player edit every single WHL players attributes but that would be the day i ever do it again. Takes so much time…
  • haha i think youre going alittle over board with the ticky tacky stuff with the jerseys.
  • I sent a tweet to EA about the Regina Pats still having Adam Brooks even though he is too old for the WHL and is playing for the Toronto Marlies this season.. Also they forgot to do 1 trade the Fischer to Spokane for Ostir & Van Impe (cant trade Van Impe as hes underage player) to MH I dont understand why EA doesnt let us…
  • oh it will be popular with the OTP guys i mean they never want to pass to the Dmen anyways and always blame the D for every goal so this mode will be popular for them
  • i also hate how EA took away the ability to change a players height/weight in player edit.... it was in PS3 why take it out... they have so many CHL players height and weights wrong. I have edited every single player in the WHL so i can actually enjoy playing WHL seasons but sucks when you cant correct EA's mistakes
  • My NHL experience hasnt been the same since i left PS3 i was part of a great GMC league that started the 1st year it came out and had a core group of 22 GM's by the 2nd game. EA said it wasnt a popular game mode and yes i agree that it wasnt a popular game mode but that falls directly onto EA themselves (they will never…
  • They could make it a great career mode starting in junior then moving up to ECHL AHL then NHL. Obviously the chances of this mode ever happening is very slim but myself being a ex ref in minor hockey this mode would appeal to me alot. Getting a good rep online would be the ultimate satifaction to strive for start by…
  • that high flip bacon does is so easy to defend though, thats why he puts a bounty out for anyone who can do it against him and score
  • my record for DISC in that new season mode has been 6 in a row... 4 were all back to back then i took a couple hour break and my next 2 games got the same thing. Never had issues with DISC until this new season mode came out. This is a big fail for EA like game breaking fail.
  • hahah i finally hope Ekbald gets a special card.. ive been waiting all year for him to upgrade his MOV card only upgrade he has gotten has been that S2 card which gave him a +1.... i finally got rid of the Barkov MOV card i pulled him in a pack (25 packs for preordering)
  • hahah i dont go that extreme but i do have a couple accounts but i also play games on them all as well
  • Hell I have his 89ovr card and I have zero complaints about it. With the right synergies triggered he's still a stud
  • It's crazy how perfect the connections are when starting a new team on a new account and climbing the ranks/divisions. But once you reach division 2 and 1 the connection goes out the window. Connections are just flat out horrible in competitive seasons
  • I'm beginning to think my lag outs have nothing to do with my connection at all. I thought it was odd that I could play the regular way on HUT and have very little issues, play eashl and have zero issues but play competitive seasons and I disc fairly regularly
  • I myself love the EE synergy that +4 OFF & DEF awareness is huge in how guys play on the ice. The +4 DEF awareness alone will make the defence tougher to play against. I think people are so used to this game being so offensive minded that as soon as EA tries to improve the defensive side that people think there has to be…
  • I think it's time EA made some changes in how they host the vs/HUT games. I know it sounds p2p not overly sure what that means but something has to be done differently. How does eashl play so smoothly but HUT their money maker gets screwed crap connection issues. I can play regular hut games with little issues but this…
  • I have an entire team full of S2 cards only 1 90ovr in Giroux who I pulled in a trade in 3 89ovr rest 88s or 87s I have 2 hit heros benched base card Ovi even Richards and Laine Xmas cards benched. I now hate the old synergies have no use for them
  • this game is programmed for offence first EA doesnt care about defence as defence doesnt sell games Im a Dman myself and there are too many skating issues stacked against Dman skating is 1 of them, another is that cheesy way of just sticking your stick out to brace a bump/hit which allows the skater to keep full control of…
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