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  • Sorry kid, guess we won't find out. I've got nothing to prove to you. You go ahead and keep thinking you are good at a rigged game. I'll just keep getting the free cs packs so my kids can open the packs. I stopped trying to have fun with thia game months ago. I'll see you in cod where you can actually have fun without ea…
  • I can take a loss just fine. It's the tilt games that are garbage, win or lose. Be careful what you wish for. My guess would be that I'll just have a dnf win after about 6 minutes in the first. Good ol' internet tough guys.
  • You are completely wrong. I don't look at records of "top" players. Too many ip booters, standings really mean nothing. You want to start the "git gud" trash? My guess would be that the reason you don't believe in ice tilt, is because the only way you can get a win is because if ice tilt.
  • Problem is, you should only lose a game like that every once in awhile. How many times are people talking about games where the shots are 40-3, but the score is 1-2. Lets not forget the bronze Spiderman goalies either. I guess it's just lag that causes the dominate team to lose these games all the time, or.dor a low rated…
  • There's a reason why everyone laughs when they say this game is going to be an e-sport.
  • Just wait until 19, when they make your eshl player customisable. For the price of a pack you will have a chance to boost some random attribute.
  • And then you get a choice pack that is the lowest level players and a quicksell pack.
  • So packs aren't in app purchases?!
  • So it must be in every ea product except nhl.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
  • Just read this. https://www.mcvuk.com/.amp/business/eas-dynamic-difficulty-patent-is-not-a-radical-idea-but-it-must-be-used-car
  • Yup, people found a way to make the game lag out with it. So instead of fixing it, they just made it so you can't change goalies.
  • Im sure EA spent money to develop and patent technology, just to leave it on the shelf. Some people just think they win on skill and can't accept the fact that the game is rigged to keep games close. The dev team is told what the can and can't say. If the suits say deny, that's what they do. They can't even say if they are…
  • You true believers and your lag theory. There is documented proof the ea has this technology, and yet you still deny it.
  • Already had it a few years ago. People hacked it and cheated. Now it's gone.
  • You can't. You can draft them and use them in draft champions. I guess there is an extremley small chance of pulling one from the draft champions gold pack.
  • But yet when you get a stacked team, you completely out play the other team, outshoot them 40-5 and you lose 3-2. The opposite happened to me yesterday. A guy was dominating me. I could barely get the puck. I managed 4 shots the whole game. I won 3-2. Or how about when you go up 2 or 3 goals early. By the end of the…
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