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  • I was confused about the x factor edition. Is this available for ps4? Is there a disc version or only for download?
  • I am getting this weird almost flickering arena lights effect on ps5 as I skate up and down the ice. The ice will lighten and darken and it messes me up! Anyone else having this issue?
  • I would second in the air tonight. Any rush song, maybe Subdivisions or Tom Sawyer. Can't believe Van Halen Jump hasn't made a soundtrack yet!
  • It seems like it may have been fixed on its own. Didn’t happen yesterday at all & I have disc version.
  • Thanks, might be missing since I am using the default roster?
  • Gameplay seems to be the biggest issue with this game. But it is not as bad as people say it is. The direction of passes, skating and picking up the puck need the most work. Just make the skating like nhl 14, it was perfect. Saucer passes should be more of a thing next season in the game. A few things that I noticed are…
  • Pretty simple changes are much needed if you ask me. The directional passing system is HORRIBLE and needs to be fixed. Too many times it has been musical chairs to try and pick up the puck while it is just sitting there. There is very little defense/hitting in the game. Also, I know the national teams get very little…
  • Lost a game already because of no stick lift. Team I played against scored a tying goal with less than a minute left in the 3rd period and then they scored in overtime. Ridiculous and needs to be fixed soon!
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