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  • I was massively disappointed in FOTF. Not only do we not play most of the games in our careers, it doesn’t make any sense. *Spoilers ahead* you aren’t missing much I get drafted in 2021, and retire in 2027? That’s my career? I just “played my last game”. Hit continue, watched a cinematic (without audio, a nice glitch or…
  • Guitar hero was indeed the problem. If anyone else hasn’t seen it yet, make sure you don’t have any other type of controller plugged into your Xbox.
  • I do indeed have a guitar hero usb dongle plugged into my Xbox. I’ll try that when I get home. I have tried that already with no luck.
  • It’s always been bad, last year especially. All these videos they put up pre-release about goalie reading the play etc.... you’d think they’d add some logic so some guy can’t intercept a laser pass with perfect control that he’s not even looking at.
  • Not much I can do on this front. I only have one router, and it only supports IPv4
  • For anyone else with this issue that hasn't seen it yet: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Post-your-FTRD-information-here-Failed-To-Retrieve-Data/td-p/8194835/highlight/false Thanks man
  • So now I’m very confused.... NHL 19 has no issues joining a game. I flipped right back over to NHL 20 and still can’t connect.
  • Guys, there is a reason so many games have some type of mechanic where your character grows as you level up and gets better. It's satisfying to our primitive brains. It's rewarding. It's fun. You were a rookie for like 10 games. After that passes you're on your way. By the time you were a veteran, around 100 games, you…
  • Hahahahahahahhahahaha Because you turned it on in the accessibility menu.
  • Thanks socair. I’ll report back after I get home from work today about whether nhl 19 still works (it did on Monday or Tuesday this week) I also want to add I’ve tried playing on my other account in nhl20 and that also hasn’t worked.
  • Still having issues after official release. I deleted the game again and re-downloaded it through the MS store, instead of the EA Access app after it officially released, I still cannot connect to any multiplayer lobby. I'm downloading NHL19 again to see if I can play multiplayer in that game.
  • Thanks for the suggestion but it still didn’t work. I’ve deleted my save data locally and on the cloud. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the game. I’ve confirmed my Nat is open. I’m not sure what else I can try.
  • I like it. I agree with whoever said it’s a more refined 19. I didn’t have much hope for this game after the initial release of info, but I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed nhl 19 for the most part, and most of complaints I have about 19 are things that have been happening for years, so it’s not unique to…
  • FIFA and Madden have both suffered in quality after the switch. Better specular highlights on the players helmet isn't worth the rest of the issues. It wasn't supposed to be in 19 or 20, and I hope it doesn't come to this series at all. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/anthem-crashes-ps4-xbox-one-pc-ea-frostbite-2017415…
  • To be fair, your example is 30 years old, and from a company that has a history of being very focused on good customer experience. I work for a company now that built an in-house software solution for a problem that doesn't exist, and even though its budget has spun out of control and it doesn't do a lot of the stuff it's…
  • I absolutely agree. I have another post on here from the other day complaining about passes getting picked off by a guy not looking at the puck. And yeah, it is inconsistent when defending the slot (I usually take the body of the pass recipient), but it's always been inconsistent. I think it's a pretty good balance now,…
  • I'm speaking purely about the gameplay, and I like it. The skating is so much improved over last year (though I do think it was better in the beta). I like poke-checks as they are (though again, I preferred how it was in the beta). I never complained about poke spamming, but I do like how risky they are. When you do time…
  • Look I get it guys, but I think you’re misreading my statements. Like everyone here, every release is “the last time ea is doing this to me I swear to god”. This year really was my breaking point. I used to be all over these forums and even though I’d be miserable, I’d still play the game pretty much up until release of…
  • I’d rate it higher than 6.5, but again, I said they were turning things around and heading in the right direction. In your own reply you agree. So by extension, if this year is better than the past few, then i think it’s unfair to call this year a failure. Last year was a failure. 15-17 were also failures of varying…

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