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  • Agree with fix the pass interception. You can use a fully charged pass and a defender 5 feet from the passer will intercept it cleanly, puck magnetized to his stick, no bobble, no deflection, no redirection, just time and time again it sticks cleanly to their stick, every single time. Only longer weaker passes should get…
  • Everything about this game is based on your quality of connection to EA servers/opponents. The lower latency connection (nothing to do with better internet) but the better your connection to EA servers and your opponents = in game calculations completing before your opponents or visa versa. Anytime there is an action, when…
  • Without a doubt, regardless of what EA says... The game is programmed to raise/lower attributes and/or raise/lower stamina and/or raise/lower the ability of the Ai which are triggered based on game situations, etc.
  • EA is very cheap when it comes to the NHL server, being a small population game they really try to save a buck by giving it very little server space, this causes the game to always feel bogged down as it doesn't take much to reach high traffic on the server. We have been complaining about the server for years, you would…
  • Drop in is garbage, play club. Another issue with drop in is clubs are actually playing drop ins together, so you get good players beating random drop in teams 10-1 all the time.
  • Look at the success and fun factor that NHL 08 thru NHL 12 had. vs. NHL 13 to the present. No comparison, the game was it's most popular from NHL 08 thru NHL 12. Make the game play more like it did in the past, you have the winning formula right there to copy.
  • Menus in general, how about the main menu and load out screens. Instead of yelling at EA for laggy slow menus and load outs I proposed a different approach, I shall ask a question. EA, please explain why the menus and load out screens take so long to load up? Please and Thank you for your fully descriptive explanation on…
  • All EA needs to do is reduce puck control, balance, and hit resistance down to 1% anytime a skater initiates LT, this way its a huge risk for puck carrier to LT too much. Simple, as soon as LT is pressed while in possession of the puck all of those attributes should go to 1% until LT is released then attributes go back up…
  • complaints 1. Online input delay/latency, as usual!!! 2. LT skating abuse 3. Passes get intercepted to easily, punishes passing play style
  • It is true EA made a business decision to ignore their loyal base in an effort to increase game sales by catering to younger gamers. By programming a game with catch up logic to keep games close, by increasing the % of success thru chaos and randomness, by making it easy to dangle/deke and cherry pick for one man show…
  • LT skating is ruining the game. Passes are too easily intercepted which punishes passing teams and rewards one man show hockey. Online input delay/latency is still bad in this game.
  • Input delay has plagued EA NHL servers for years, not a new thing.
  • The game was better before back skate, NHL 12 and earlier LT was vision control only and it was an awesome perfect working vision control. You had to manipulate LT in order to back skate with puck but it wasn't easy. The game was fun without LT backward skate.
  • Always between 42 and 65 ping. = input delay
  • EA needs to allow LT for a true/honest backward skate but that's it, if users LT release LT release LT over and over again while skating EA should program them to lose the puck automatically on maybe the second consecutive LT use. Something has to be done to deter this strategy.
  • Make cross creases harder? NO! That would force you to play more one man show hockey with less passing. If anything make cross creases easier to get thru, this promotes MORE passing. All of this one man show, LT skating backwards bouncing off hits, dekes, etc. is ruining the game... We need to get back to punishing skaters…
  • Who cares about a pay to win mode!! Oh, EA does... silly me... Screw the rest of the game, just focus on HUT.
  • "For as long as I can remember there are times that change from game to game where one game you feel like your players skate on air and the next game they move like slugs. " Last night my skater moved like a slug. Why can't EA make the skating super fast, super agile, high acceleration, stop and go, good feel, good…
  • Agree with pass intercepts being too high, we need to incentivize passing/teamwork, not deter/punish it by every pass getting intercepted. Agree with one timer accuracy, same as above we need to incentivize setting up teammates with pass plays for the one timer, if you are fortunate to get a pass thru, its extremely…
  • Do not mess with game speed, keep it fast!
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