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  • "It sounds like you just need to play with some guys you have chemistry with. A team that plays well together isn't going to be bumping into each other all game long. Cycling is most definitely possible and the higher skilled teams use it frequently. " NHL 09 thru NHL 12 that's all we did was cycle, NHL 13 and beyond it's…
  • Game speed has been way too slow over the past few years, more speed, more agility, this is the right direction for the game.
  • "I get it, I am not the target audience by any stretch or means" NHL has always been a low sales, small niche game market for EA because the fan base was older. EA has made a decision to try to bring younger consumers into the NHL game franchise by making it more animated/cartoonish at times, goofy celebrations, dances,…
  • NHL 13 and TPS skating killed the game, never has recovered. Agree that attributes and custom builds should come back, it was more fun that way.
  • "I get tired of 6's lobbies never filling up these past 2 years. " That's because 6's is horrible, no room on the ice at all due to the skating momentum, no agility, etc. you run out of space so the game evolved into throwing pucks on net from everywhere before you turn it over, no control, no ability to maintain long…
  • Since they changed the skating in NHL 13, playing 6's is like bumper cars. 3's was the best thing they have done to this game in years, open ice, space to skate, set up plays, make good passes and one timers, etc. NOT BUMPER CARS!!
  • NHL 09 thru NHL12 it seemed like 80% of the goals were one timers, which is teamwork, passing, cycling, setting up plays, etc. Since NHL 13 it flipped, 80% of the goals seem to be breakaways and snipes from one man show dekes/skating. Bring back the teamwork aspect, enough of this breakaway and one man show krap!
  • NHL is a small niche game for EA, therefore it is treated as such, NHL gets such a small server capacity it is always bottlenecked, slow, and bogged down. EA won't pay the money to give NHL a larger server or improve net code.
  • "What? No. Please god no. If anything go the opposite way.. This game struggles to look or play good at the acceleration pace it is now. Top speed is ok but how quick you can get there with even bad skaters is really gameplay killing. " No sure what game you are playing but this game plays at a snails pace, slowwwwwww.
  • As being from the glory days of this game, playing NHL 09 thru NHL12, there was never a bigger NHL community, never a larger more competitive EASHL, etc. I and others from that era know how fun this game was back then, it was flat out the best game out there and fun fun fun to play. NHL 13 and TPS destroyed this game, it…
  • Since this game is 100% about responsiveness I give it a 2 out of 10, still delayed, sluggish, lack of control.
  • EA MUST! make the skating more responsive!!! it's still extremely slow, sluggish clunky. Short of that, NHL 20 will continue the trend we've had since NHL13 and TPS.
  • I believe sales NHL 14 and earlier were just two consoles (PS3 and Xbox) NHL 15 included (4) PS3/xbox and PS4/xbox1 which can explain why it was high. NHL 16 and newer back to two consoles PS4/xbox1
    in K.I.S.S. Reply by sgiz1 July 2019
  • There are too many layers of programming, automation, animation in the NHL game. It's just too sensitive to quality of connection to EA servers, etc. Gripe all you want about the floating on ice of NHL 09 thru NHL 12, but the series was gaining in community each of those years (not dying like it has since NHL 13). Those…
    in K.I.S.S. Reply by sgiz1 July 2019
  • "This game will continue to be a nightmare to play and enjoy for those whose internet isn't up to the task, period." It's not even our internet that's the problem, you don't need 100 mbps speed to play online, you only need about 2 mbps. The issue is EA side, net code, servers, routing, etc. depending on where you live you…
    in K.I.S.S. Reply by sgiz1 July 2019
  • NHL20 beta is the worst beta ever, the game was supposed to be getting better not worse.
  • The game was phenomenal up thru 2012, largest community ever, a cult! The game was flat out FUN! to play. Been a disaster ever since 2013 and here we are 7 years after going into 2020 and all this talk about new RPM tech skating, more control, better responsiveness, etc. = Lie! The game played sluggish, slow, delayed…
  • All the presentations showing players doing dances, etc. are childish!!!!
  • "It's because it's finally realistic. Meaning you gotta be more alert and play a better control gap. Welcome to reality " Not reality, if you have great gap control and the forward blows by you because you lose all your speed when you make one single adjustment, that's not real, that's a program error.
  • This game has always been and will always be about responsiveness, the game sucks if you have input delay and the game is the best game in the world if it's responsive. The change to TPS screwed up the responsiveness, the change to Xbox 1/PS4 made it even worse, year by year some changes but nothing to address the non…
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