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  • Hey EA how about just putting up players for a price....hefty prices so you keep the cash flow going of course. I’d rather just buy whoever I want instead of messing around with packs/trading/collectibles etc.
    in Absurd Reply by skydive61 May 2019
  • Yeah I used 2 different 99 goalies. After about 30 games each of substandard performance I’m back to my rotation of 91 Bobvrosky and 85 Dave Dryden. After over 100 games each their stats are better than the 99’s by 1/2 a goal per game and save % at least 3% better 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Oh.....didn’t wait long enough. You CAN trade in 3 for 1
  • CANT trade them in.....
  • Oh and you can trade in old ones, 3 for 1. Guess you just have to pick which 1 or 2 you want, can’t get them all. Lame
  • Lame, already in the game legends for May rewards. For people who missed out earlier in the year I guess. The last one appears to be impossible to get, need way more collectibles than it’s possible to get???
  • You don’t have to accept it...but it happens just like ridiculous bad calls in real life. I’ve seen worse calls at live games
  • Guess what this happens in real life as well. Refs call crap that may have looked like a penalty but the guy wasn’t touched
  • Myself if I roll out a team of base golds with a silver or two in there I have no chance. With my 96 overall team I win about 40-45% of the time (scrub, I know, save the comments) anyway I tried a 10 game stretch with base gold and 3 silver players getting matched up with D4,5,6 players. I was blown out bad every time.…
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