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  • But your teams record its ridiculous also
  • Nevermind it was t***c with that record
  • This is where EA fell apart. They started worry about about the people who didn't want to put time in to get better or grow with the game. They decided to put in ways for those new players to jump right in and be competitive and that shouldn't be the case. You could be beating brakes off of someone the entire game and in…
  • If you complain about the poke checks in this game, which most of the time end up in penalties, and not the broken scoring in this game than chances are you spam glitch goals, people just started finding a way to stop you, and now you are having trouble scoring.
  • They can't(won't) fix actual problems in this game like ice tilt and glitch goals do you really think they care about substituting the goalie? Lmao
  • I remember playing NHL games in sega and have played them every year since. I am far from a newb to this game, the controls, ect but these games anymore need no skill and are either pay to win and/or exploit to win. Its pretty unfortunate. My cousins and I use to kill it in online versus back when it came down to skill.…
  • Most of the lockdowns have been going on for over a month. there really isnt a reason for it to still be happening and I am playing on XBOX
  • The only way to troubleshoot anything with this game is to turn it off and play anything else. I've played NHL off and on the past few weeks and couldn't play more than 2 or 3 games at a time because of how bad the lag as been for at least the last few weeks alone.
  • Just learn the glitch goals and dont poke check because you will get a penalty
  • I reported someone for glitching, than calling the person out, they reported me for calling them out in a message, and I got suspended for 24hrs.... go figure lol right than is when I realized who EA actually caters to in this game.
  • I have bumped a goalie, skated away, they pass it out, I intercept it, score, and it's called off. Goaltender interference should be nullified as soon as they chose to pass it out. Had countless goals call off for that
  • EA's non-existent ice tilt lol and I love when people say the AI change strategies yet they only thing EA cant seem to figure out is how to get the goalies to learn how glitchers play
  • Technically you're not supposed to use poke checking for defense. Not in the context everyone seems to be wanting to use it, in any case. This game series has taught players that this is the way it's supposed to be used, because REAL defense is actually much more simple and, by proxy, a lot more "boring" as real defense is…
  • [quote="reengerg;c-2110028"]My team is 91 overall. They have never “skated in mud” nor has a scrub base gold team skated circles around me. All of this complaining about manipulation and fairness adjustment stuff, ive never seen it🤷🏻‍♂️[/quote] My team overall is 92 and I see it all the time also. Especially in rivals. I…
  • [quote="shpankey;c-2109663"]Except they’ve already done exactly that w another player. So the precedent is set[/quote] The difference is patrick hasn't played a game yet this season
  • My wishlist: 1. Since glitch goals will never be dealt with I would like to see AI goalies adapt. 2. Dial back the RB and X penalty buttons. EA cant tell me that abusing poke check is unrealistic when they have done nothing to curb unrealistic scoring percentage of glitch goals. 3. Make player overalls matter again.
  • [quote="TTAnthonyYT;d-253728"]1.] Why does the penalty itself no longer exist? 2.] Why is it that if you accidentally bump the opposing goalie and their own D-man puts it into their net whilst trying to grab the puck (like the AI defense does 90% of the time), it's still no goal?[/quote] I cant count the amount of time I'm…
  • EA is a joke and so is there TOS. If you buy packs and sell cards the coins are yours not theirs, if you play the games and earn the coins they are yours not theirs, if you want to help out a friend you should be able too. They allow people to constantly exploit the game with the ridiculous one timers and top corner shots…
  • [quote="sannes9;d-252873"]I'll start this off by saying I have played every NHL game since 2003. The last couple of games have felt copied and pasted, and that's okay because it doesn't make sense to completely rebuild the game every year, but for EA to actually improvements to the game would be wonderful. You take the…
  • [quote="Kutch777;d-250492"]Did the guys programming NHL put any effort into realistic play?? Guys go offside on there own, cant go hard to the net (auto penalties), AI decides to go for a line change at the most ridiculous times of the game play. Got to love when you just taken a faceoff and your about to break out, but…
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