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  • I know this probably unpopular opinion around here but I think 3v3 + human goalie is the way to go as far as esports are concerned. I would argue the same for other sports like basketball and soccer too. Why aren’t there any popular esports titles that are traditional sports games? You could maybe make an argument for FIFA…
  • Devs might as well save themselves some time during this next development cycle by deleting any team that isn’t the penguins.
  • There should definitely be an afk boot system. It’s such a disrespectful waste of someone’s time when this happens.
  • The game could be improved quite a bit if EA set the default sliders in a configuration that made the game feel better. For instance, one of the quick and easy ways to get rid of the “skating in mud” feeling is to turn the acceleration up. I don’t know how they decide to set the default sliders in the game, but I don’t…
  • Metal Militia is absolutely right. The engine in this game is weak. It’s like a 1980 Ford Pinto engine inside the body of a Ferrari. Looks great, but performs like crap. Gets basic maintenance and a paint job once in while just to keep it running. Also there is a difference between a dev team made up of employees who just…
  • I’ve had issues with EASHL and Vs. Still have yet to play a game until completion. Every game except 1 has had a disconnect from EA servers or people quitting. So glad I didn’t pay full price - same crappy online experience as the last 4 years.
  • Yeah I reluctantly bought the game the other day when it was on sale for $30. I knew what I was getting into but wanted to be able to form criticisms with the actual game in my hands. Anyway, my first observation from playing EASHL 3’s (drop in) was that out of the 6 games I played, only one game actually made it to the…
  • In CSGO there are often times when you are viewing directly through the players screen, but I get what you’re saying. And yes there is definitely too much RNG - this game could not be seriously considered for esports. Still, to have a successful esport, the game must be exciting to watch. If real hockey struggles with…
  • I know Friedman has written about the topic in the past, but he seems more certain about the NHL getting involved and soon. Also, since the last article was written, several sports owners and franchises have jumped into the E-sports market and have started their own franchises, so that's kind of a big deal. I strongly…
  • Absolutely. Simplicity is often the best solution. And you’ll find pretty quickly that good players end up figuring out “the meta” or a way to play that makes sense positionally and it’s all intuitive, rather than the game forcing you to play a certain way and giving you a grade if you don’t play within its limited scope.
  • Harder to find a game when the online user pool is so small. Players are spread out amongst HUT, VS, offline modes, and older games. Plus the majority of people want to play forward, so you have to sit around and wait for people to bite the bullet and play D. Let’s face it, the drop in system is simply not functioning in a…
  • I also noticed that certain threads are not being bumped to the front page of the forums anymore. *cough* the thread about no more yearly releases *cough* even though I just replied in it an hour ago.
  • Not sure where the 2-3 year release cycle is coming from. Release one game and provide ongoing maintenance. Counterstrike was released in 2012. They don't release a new one every year or even every couple years. This game is over 5 years old and people come back to it religiously. Listen, if you're game is good enough,…
  • I think it would be far more interesting if HUT was structured like this. You wouldn’t have to restart every year. It be much more immersive in the sense that you would feel like a GM: re-signing players to new contracts, dealing with players who are injured. HUT would benefit just as much as eashl imo.
  • Costs of those other games I mentioned: Low cost, high volume of sales Counter Strike: $14.99 Rocket League: $19.99 (but you can get it on sale) Dota 2: Free to play PUBG: $36.99 High cost, low volume of sales NHL 18: $79.99
  • You're not seeing the big picture. It makes far more sense business wise to release one version of the game at a lower price point to increase the VOLUME of sales. Look at the biggest games in the world right now: Counter Strike, Rocket League, DOTA, LoL, PUBG - they all have HUGE player bases because all the players are…
  • Yes this is a problem that will get bigger every year a new game is released. It’s slowly bleeding out the online community. If there was one NHL game that everyone had, there would be thousands of people online instead of just a couple hundred. For a game that’s only a month and half old to have a few hundred players…
  • Ya but the problem is that the yearly release creates deadlines that would spread the dev team thin. As mentioned earlier, right now you would expect that the team is working on basic maintenance and bug fixing for 18. Pretty soon they will be working on 19 and they will need to start thinking of new features that they can…
  • To be fair, there’s only so much abuse people can take and a visit to these forums would only be demoralizing for them. And to be honest, I’m sure there are decisions being made that are out of Ben and rammers control. They work for EA which has to answer to shareholders first before fans - that’s their priority. If…
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