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  • A new release model for video game NHL would have zero effect on the real sports leagues lol. Yes, people watch counter strike, league of legends, and rocket league over and over because they are well designed and maintained games. If NHL was appealing from a spectator point of view, it could do well in an esports market…
  • Anyone with half a brain will realize that yearly releases are bleeding the life out of this franchise. I sound like a broken record but here are the reasons why: Declining player base: - not everyone buys the newest nhl game every year especially because the changes are so insignificant. So you have your player base…
  • This is it right here. They basically already have a subscription model in place, except the player base decline because you have to download a new copy of the software to keep playing. Also, a subscription model sucks. They should totally go with the “one time purchase supported by micro transaction model”. And as you…
  • Would be interesting to see an updated number. However, that does sound like a really poor number out of the gate.
  • Where did you get this stat?
  • Yeah you can thank the antiquated business model for this problem. The video game hockey fan base is spread out over four versions of what is basically the same game (NHL 15, 16, 17, 18). Then take that number of players and divide it by 2 (no cross platform play between PS and XBOX). If they keep going at it with the…
  • Right. But say it is 3v2 then the short handed team gets a penalty and it’s a delayed penalty call - the player in the box comes back on the ice during the delayed penalty call. Does the penalized player then go into the box or does it go to a penalty shot because the ref’s arm went up while it was 3v2? The simplest…
  • I agree with bunny. Keep AI out of eashl at all costs. 3v2 could be doable but what about 2 man advantages? 3v1? What if that guy takes a penalty? 3v0?
  • This kind of thing should be very low on the priority list.
  • NHL 11 and 12 were the best games in the series. 14 was ok, but 13 was the beginning of the end of really good gameplay imo. I agree with you that the older versions were much more satisfying to play. I played EASHL non stop and had really good chemistry with some players I met online. I still have them on my friends list…
  • I agree there should be more passing, but passes shouldn't just go through a well positioned defender. I remember in NHL 10 you could have control of a defender, perfectly placed in the passing lane and the offense could literally pass it through your guy for a cheese one timer - it was basically unstoppable and it was…
  • Jeez. What a joke, you should get a refund.
  • I hope so. I’m pretty sure Ben or Rammer has publicly acknowledged this model without just dismissing it. The other huge problem with the annual release is that that player base gets smaller and smaller each year as the player base is divided amongst 3 or 4 years of NHL. Not to mention the player base gets cut in half…
  • Obviously...that’s their NHL account. But the main EA Sports Twitter account, which tweets about all EA sports titles, hasn’t tweeted about NHL in a month and a half.
  • I agree completely. I think EA should release one hockey game - stop releasing a new game every year. Release one game, provide patch updates on an ongoing basis for maintenance and bring in revenue through micro transactions. I’m sure there are lots of gamers who are tired of having to start their HUT collections over…
  • If they scrapped their current business model and actually learned from other games that are having massive success right now, I would buy their game - however I can not support the product in its current state. The game spreads itself too thin: there are simply too many game modes and a lot of them are done to a mediocre…
  • They need to build this game from the ground up. Face off looping and poor network performance have both been in this series for years. The game has always been years behind the top games in terms of online performance. The business model has failed this series and its fan base. It’s a shame really. The only way we get a…
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