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  • They should really implement a Tendency Gameplay Sliders like in NBA 2K. Would love the ability to increase/decrease certain tendencies of the CPU opponent
  • Anyway for the next update or game to add a slider for CPU shot frequency? Would be extremely useful in Franchise mode esp if you can make the CPU opponent either shoot more or less against the HUM? I know there is a setting for Sim stats under Rules, but would like to see a slider in the Gameplay slider section for actual…
  • Yup, download the latest Online Rosters before you load into your current Franchise to get the new jerseys
  • Is it true that you can only see 1st Star highlights only now and not the 2nd and 3rd Star highlights at the end of the game after the latest patch now?
  • [quote="T2HD;c-2172129"]So I just updated NHL 21 with the latest patch today (12-3-2020) that contains the NHL Reverse Retro Uniforms (All 31 teams). Note: The new jerseys are within the roster update, not the patch itself. So, if you're using older custom rosters, you won't see the new jerseys within them. Also, the new…
  • Hoping they the gameplay patch will adjust opposing CPU goalie so more random goals go in, not only one timers and cross crease cheese.. The opposing CPU goalie in Franchise mode is too OP. Also make the opposing CPU team shoot more against the Human in Franchise mode, playing on All-Star difficulty.
  • Any chance for the CPU to be more assertive and shoot more in the next Patch? I’m finding that I’m almost doubling on the shots on goal against the CPU even on All-Star/Superstar difficulty
  • [quote="nyi95;c-2168576"]Gotta tell u though, tcnumba. If that was your slider set u posted on OS, i find it great. Started a franchise using them and it plays really well. Scores are varied, pretty well balanced between cpu and user. Thx for sharing. Ur sliders are the first I've ever started a franchise with. Great job…
  • Also needs to be addressed Pre-Game as well, I want to have the option to select my starting goalie for the game and not have to navigate in so many unnecessary menus. Perhaps a option after you have selected uniforms.
  • Saw a tweet about the NHL patch that is dropping tomorrow for the Franchise substitute bug, any other fixes or additions that will be included?
  • Any updates to fix the bug in Franchise mode after this patch? The game is freezing or corrupting if you substitute a injured player with a scratched player after a game.
  • [quote="nyi95;c-2166637"]Got to give kudos once in a while fellas. I played 2 games offline and imo its a lot better. AI offensively and defensively stepping up way better and more noticeable. They're cutting players off at the boards, getting sticks in the way, blocking shots, u name it. Offensively, jumping into plays on…
  • I totally agree, I was switching back and forth from AS to PRO all night last night in my Franchise and decided that I’ll be sticking to AS moving forward. There really should’ve been a difficulty between PRO and AS since on PRO the CPU plays fairly, the puck doesn’t feel like a magnet for the CPU but my only gripe is that…

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