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  • Exactly...they will make you think you need high rated players....truth is base 86 players will play better. They can't have 99s flying around ice against lower skate cards so they adjust the play. They dont even try to hide it. Nhl 21 will be no different. Just different cards art.
  • Like to know why EA stopped showing your opponent before a game...at least you can back out on these guys, but in EA wisdom its bad for business.
  • EA really doesn't care about HUT. Their focus and flagship is MUT and FUT... They are losing players year after year...all they need is enough to break even on property rights. How times have we dominated a game and then the 3rd period hits and a team of scrubs 80s can score enough goals to tie it or win with any shot In…
  • I think EA thinks it's more fun if games as re close so they allow it. No reason for they way they play sometimes I love it when I control my guy in their zone and their AI will hold my guy until I switch off...no calls. Garbage game...
  • I hate to sound bitter, but it's crazy! I feel like I out play my opponent and if they can't score...the third period comes and goals are manufactured for them. My def will put it in or goalie out of position and it slides in. I should have looked at forums first before buying the game. I missed when people traded and…
  • I just posted about the samething. This game is garbage Tired of starter pack teams flying around the ice like a 92 player when your team with 91 fumble around. EA manipulates the game to it sees fit.
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