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  • It's kinda sad that more than half the goalies in the game are wearing the wrong or outdated gear in this game. I was really hoping they'd pull through and add some of the new gear we've seen this season, at very least the new True and CCM gear.
  • I realize the official NHL season is only a few weeks old now, but the game has been out since the fall. At this point in time, as disappointing as it would be, I'd almost settle for an official statement from EA letting us whether or not any new equipment was going to be added to this year's game or not. It kinda sucks…
  • I was glad to see they didn't remove any of the CHL players from their junior teams. This allows us to move them to their current AHL teams. However, no new junior players were added for obvious reasons, so a lot of the CHL teams won't have enough players once you start moving a couple of them. I know this was only…
  • I really really hope with this roster update EA is releasing this week they include some new gear and the Sharks and Whalers throwback jerseys, although I highly doubt the Whalers one will be included seeing as it's been two years now since the Canes have been using it and it's still not included. They really gotta get…
  • I thought at one point I saw an article mentioning that EA was going to start using some of DaveArt's masks for goalie's he paints the masks for, kinda like they did for Jonathan Quick and Martin Brodeur a few years ago. Also if anyone remembers, EA did include a custom set of Brain's pads for Eddie Lack when he played for…
  • Yeah I find the equipment for the players not to be too bad at the moment, but the goalie equipment this year is horrendous. They added maybe three new sets? and forgot about maybe seven?
  • I'd love to see as much gear added as possible to the game. I think it adds to the realness of the game. I'm always surprised at how much Warrior gear is added to the games, considering no NHL, AHL, ECHL, or CHL goalies wear that brand aside from using their sticks of course.
  • I cannot agree more with this. Every day I see more and more NHL goalies with True gear. Bauer's also missing the Ultrasonic stick for goalies and Hyperlite gear too. I'm surprised they didn't add the CCM E-Flex 5's or Vaughn Pro V Elite pads in yet either.
  • I find no matter what direction I'm skating whether it be forward with the puck or backwards defending, the CPU is always faster and catches me or blows by me, that are they give me a slight bump or poke and they take control of the puck. Never works the same way for me unfortunately :/
  • I'm starting to see more and more True brand goalie equipment releases for NHL goalies on social media. I know someone earlier mentioned that the likelihood of these being patched into the game are slim, but considering a fair amount of goalies were using the gear last season and during the playoffs, it seems silly not to…
  • I think vintage equipment is a neat idea, I'd still like to see them have them have the most current gear in the game. But if they are going to continue with the alumni and vintage trend, they need to make an option for smaller shoulder pads and goalie equipment cause they alumni guys look silly in the current oversized…
  • Really? That really sucks if they don't include the True/Lefevre gear this year, especially considering past years they're always patched in True gear.
  • It was really a nice surprise to see some new helmets added during the most recent patch, but they're still missing tons of goalie equipment. The True Lefevre pads, the CCM E-Flex 5, the Vaughn Pro V Elite, as well as the Bauer Ultra Sonic stick. Plus the Vapor pads could still use some added colour options as well. But…
  • I've noticed that Bauer tends to keep their gear current in all of these games and they tend remove any of the previous year's Bauer equipment. What tends to bug me is why do they keep old Vaughn, CCM, and Warrior equipment in the game when it hasn't been worn in years? The Vaughn V3, V4, V5, and even V6 gear hasn't been…
  • I've noticed with looking at a couple of the pro set-ups from the CCM Axis gear that certain colour zones are not solid, they're almost faded. If you look at David Rittich's Axis gear for the Flames it's not completely solid.
  • I really hope they add the Lefevre aka True goalie equipment. With so many of the pros switching from CCM to Lefevre at the end of last season and during the playoffs it' surprising that it wasn't included. I'm also surprised that the new Vaughn Pro V Elite gear wasn't included either. That's been around for two years now…
  • Hey now, let's just start by getting the NHL players likenesses down then we can worry about the college players. I appreciate the fact they've allowed us to edit their equipment and facial hair, but there's a ton of players in this game who's hair length and even skin tones are way off.
  • I've been wondering the same thing. Both the Bruins and Ducks unveiled and have used their alternates in multiple games now. I was also hoping they would add the Whalers jersey the Canes are going to wear and fix the Jets gloves, but that's probably asking waaaay too much lol.
  • Well those pads aren't in NHL 19 or 20, and that's a Reebok jersey... so I'm going to guess NHL 17.
  • If memory serves me correct, EA is not historically known for putting any sort of anniversary/special event/centennial/all-star game/etc... patches on jerseys. Sometimes they've been known to include them on the ice surface designs, but not always and for that matter they aren't always correct either. I think it would be…
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