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  • It's been that way for the AHL players for years now, same with the ECHL and CHL teams. All automatically stuck wearing either CCM gear or Warrior if it's an ECHL team. At least the goalie equipment is still editable for all the leagues.
  • I could be mistaken on this, but I thought they included the Heritage Classic jerseys in before the game was actually played? The Winter Classic jerseys now that they have both been unveiled could be included in their next content update with hopefully the Ducks and Bruins new thirds and fingers crossed, an Adidas version…
  • I was under the impression this "roster" update was just to re-include the Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys. I've noticed with many roster updates in the past, they tend include any sort of jersey changes or additions in with the roster update. For whatever reason, EA decided to take out the Hockey Fights Cancer jerseys in…
  • Is it that they're no longer paying the league fees on all equipment? Cause I know Vaughn doesn't pay the fees for their sticks and masks, same with Brian's who doesn't pay the fees for their sticks. But I wasn't aware they were both going to stop paying the licensing fees for the pads and gloves, especially seeing as…
  • Here's hoping that they patch in the new Tampa Bay Lightning thirds and maybe include some new gear. I highly doubt they will seeing as it's now mid-February and most equipment updates will be held off till next year's game. But it's kind of silly that the Brain's gear was never included. First of all it came out during…
  • Ahhh... I remember those days of "If it's in the game, it's in the game" lol. I thought about the new Vaughn SLR Ventus 2, but thought those came out midway through the season, but there's a catching glove a couple of guys have been using that doesn't quite match the VE8 glove. More colour zone options on the two Bauer…
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