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  • PLEASE bring this to the PC again! I'm done with console gaming - have been for a couple years. I am excited to get to play Madden again this year on PC - I'm an annual FIFA buyer/player, as well as many other sports titles. For NHL though - I'm s…
  • So just to recap where we are here with simulation targeted golf.. * EA is out for good barring changes down the road * Perfect Golf sold to Trackman and it's very unclear if they will actually be catering to normal PC users (let alone console) in …
  • I wish there were some way to give EA feedback and perhaps more money to keep TW14 online and going "for sure" even longer.
  • Super kudos to those of you who play TW14 w/ no green grids.. I just can't do it. Feels too much like completely flying blind and just don't personally enjoy the process of moving the aiming marker all over to see elevation changes. To me that fee…
  • Do you play just local TW14 or online too? I'm worried they'll be pulling the plug on the Online stuff for it this year
  • I have to say - its' sort of shameful they are even selling Rory still given how it's completely abandonware from EA's standpoint in terms of support/bug fixes, etc..
  • Do you guys play with wind gusts on or off? In a video game where wind "feel" is hard to get a sense of like in real life, I'm a little bit hesitant about that feature as it seems like the switch could just be called the "random stuff happens" togg…
  • You mean perfect back and downswing and swing path? Everything is perfect and you hook it? What about wind? Wind gusts on?
  • @wilde_sie All sensible points, no question.. I just figured that they'd done the hard part (making the core game in Frostbite) and now it was time to roll out DLC and price it however you needed to. Super frustrating. I'm just amazed they appare…
  • For the life of me I can't understand why they canceled the game when they did. People say the sales were underwhelming but it's completely a chicken and the egg situation. They launched a bare-bones framework to build upon, per their plan, but the…
  • If you guys had to pick just one of the EA golf games to play… Which would it be? 2014?
  • Man - that sucks.. They should at least stop selling Rory if this is the level the support is at now..
  • What did @EA chat even say? Did they admit that "we don't even have any staff looking at that game anymore?" I just started playing Rory again for the first time in a long time - loving it! Really wish they'd keep this going..
  • Anyone got a guess on the server shut off for TW14? I see that in 2017 they shut down 12 & 13 (same on NCAA games), but the hopeful part of me wonders if they might keep the 2014 servers (for Tiger & NCAA) around for longer as they are the …
  • I just started playing Tiger Woods 2014 again on the PS3. It's a really great game I have to say. It's such a shame the way they went w/ Rory and gutted everything from the amazing base game they had.
  • I sort of wonder how long until they just close down this entire sub forum? What's really the point of having any official forums for a dead product/sport that you've abandoned?
  • Looks more like a re-imagined NHL Hitz! than anything else to me...
  • Tim is mostly on Perfect Golf forums now
  • I am SO excited to be able to play an NHL game on my HTPC again! (I know about '04 mod - that game just doesn't do it for me)
  • I totally agree. If you're wanting more sim oriented play, Perfect Golf is the best hope. If you were always a bit more arcade leaning, TGC 2 is the likely bet. It'd be really cool if HB Studios could do a much better career offering and possibly…
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