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  • My main request is to go back to NBCSN or some type of realistic broadcast company. This years game has annoying goal overlays that make all kinds of noises that are unnecessary. I played the game on EA Access and decided not to purchase it and went…
  • (Quote) Hahahahahahaha true, what was I thinking? Of course we are more worried about outside pond hockey than authenticity of the NHL.
  • (Quote) How did real goal songs not get more votes? Do you know how stupid Chicago sounds without Chelsea Dagger? Or Minnesota without Crowd Chant or Arizona without Howling for you? They were just in the game two years ago EA! Stop being cheap!
  • It’s stupid on EA’s part because i have an xbox and PC and usually buy games for both. Their loss, not mine.
  • (Quote) [Socair - edited quote] Couldn’t agree more. So sad what this franchise has become. David Littman was better.
  • What ticks me off is that Sony San Diego is a better sports game developer than a huge company like EA. Their baseball game puts all of EA’s sports titles to shame. You know why? Because they focus on the sport first and not a stupid battle royale m…
  • (Quote) I think I’m done with this series....
  • (Quote) I don’t want frostbite, I want Unreal. Way easier for devs and is also up there in graphics.
  • (Image) It says goalies are improved with the new AI. Show me where they’re improved with these screenshots. Goalies are still garbage. I’ll pass plus no PC. Thanks but no thanks ea devs.
  • I don’t mind that EA is trying to create revenue off of HUT and create a game with modes for everyone, what I do have a problem with is that they focus more on that stuff than the actual sport of hockey. This is an NHL game. Focus on the “NHL” part …
  • Please get the goal horns right and bring back the authentic goal songs. I know this is a minor detail but everyone already mentioned other stuff except for this. I can’t believe the @NHLDev took out goal songs for a soundtrack no one cares about. H…
  • I think the problem is that the Dev team is scared to make a full simulation in fear of losing sales to the people who are casuals but just want to play HUT.
  • I agree 100% and goalie AI in offline modes is pretty bad too. I think a lot has to do with their animations and save choices. One thing EA should focus on in 20 is AI for skaters and goalies. One thing that might not be their fault though is hardwa…
  • I don’t get that all teams play at least one time in Vancouver and EA can’t seem to scan players before or after practices or games. They are there already, just take the equipment to the arena for every game one year or ask the Canucks if you can l…
  • I think the @NHLDev just need to focus on making an NHL game first. This game is called NHL “whatever” for a reason. If you look at Fifa or Madden, they are straying away from the arcadey type games and trying to go the simulation route. If you want…
  • They need to add more customization for designs and allow us to add logos and pad images along with creating custom goalie masks.
  • @NHLDev is there a way to allow for automatic roster updates during season mode if the CPU trades is turned off? I would like to have your roster updates happen as they do in real life without sacrificing a season just for new rosters.
  • I watched an NHL game on my pc while playing NHL 19 on true broadcast. The rink may be true to size but something is definitely off. It’s gotta be the players then if the rink is to scale. There’s way more open ice in real life than the game and it …
  • (Quote) I think the team should go to team practices and have mobile equipment that allows them to scan teams while they’re in Vancouver. They could also have the teams stop by EA and get scanned but that seems like what they’re doing now and it’s…
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