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  • Or did McDavid get the goal, or the guy that shot the puck? Just thinking it might have been a deflection.
  • So I guess you just don’t want to play anyone better than you? It’s hut chumps you play whoever is on. If you never play anyone better than yourself you will never improve.
  • I read on here one time, someone suggested that we should be able to push a button and have one of our AI forwards pressure the puck carrier. If someone wants to sit behind their net push the button to have your AI push him from one side while you t…
  • To reset the cards stats, put the card up on the AH for an hour for 1 million when it does not sell put it back on your team and the stats should be reset.
  • On Xbox, push the Xbox button then y for a screen shot or x for video
  • While I have never believed in “ice tilt” at all I am noticing what is described here more and more this year, mostly in rivals as that’s what I have been playing most. I did also notice it in SB as I played more of that mode recently to get the fre…
  • Some years in the Okanagan you can go skiing in the morning and then play golf in the afternoon. Spring and fall are the best here.
  • Not the time or place to get into the politics but it is a great place to live, especially The Okanagan valley in BC.
  • They can’t do this though, it would force guys to actually hold the puck with their goalie once and awhile to get a line change. I played a game the other day, after he passed it with his goalie 3 times straight to me for an easy goal each time. He …
  • Northern Alberta, if they went to Calgary there would probably be a chinook and they would take that as proof there is global warming, spent half of my life living in places in the northern half of Alberta, now in Kelowna BC where it’s nice and warm…
  • I don’t agree with many of your posts amxblade but you definitely hit the nail square on the head with this one. I remember back in the Xbox 360/PS3 years, the NHL series was great. I think it was NHL 10 that won sports game of the year. During this…
  • The only way HUT would be anything close to realistic would be if they released the base cards at the beginning of the year and that’s it, no upgrades at all. But that wouldn’t make them any money at all, so we know nothing like that will ever happe…
  • I don’t know which would be quicker? I just search for the max amount I’m willing to pay and if there’s none there I won’t get any. I don’t understand buying gold players though, unless it’s certain cards to do the team building sets.
  • My old team used to call that first video a “mighty shove”. But it’s never going to be much from behind. The second video, while annoying just because it happens so often in the game, I watched Nate Macinnon do that exact same pass watching some hig…
  • Just sit at the 1 hr mark in the AH and snag em as soon as they pop up.
  • The only thing We might get is espn announcers and advertising on the boards. Other than that I don’t see what difference this makes to EA NHL.
  • All this explained by EA Aljo just a few posts ago. But no you know better. I’m surprised these forum are still here or that anyone from EA would want to spend their time explaining the game to people who won’t listen. If it was so damned easy to ma…
  • Would be nice to see, but I doubt this video will appear.
  • There different jerseys that look almost identical. Same in the Boeser set with canucks jerseys.
  • The thing is though, there was nothing really wonky in the video everything that was complained about has been explained to death on why it happens.
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