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  • would be nice to make the touch pad switch between 2 cameras. I was thinking this for years too. all I play is drop-in EASHL and I use the action cam and always shoot up. but when the puck is behind the net, it is hard to see so I would like to switch to overhead before switching back and using the touchpad to do that…
  • nhl 19 gives us option to make it small but its still not high enough or in the corner of the screen enough. this score board is 2x as long as the current one. if we could make this small and have the top/bottom option then I think we will be ok. a skinny strip across the top shouldn't matter. it still prob better of the…
  • I think the only modes anyone plays anymore is EASHL and HUT. I play one offline game as a demo when I get it then the only mode I play is EASHL drop ins... that is the only fun mode.
  • I hope they add commentary for drop in for eashl. hate the silence of it.
  • the scoreboard has been crap for years. its always too big and in the way. there will prob be an option to put it on top and also an option to make it smaller. but my bigger issue is that a 5 min period displays 20 mins and counts down super fast so you never know how much time is left. I don't understand how I don't have…
  • a couple seasons ago the NHL changed this rule. the current rule states if you hit the puck first but still trip the player, you will receive a minor tripping penalty but not a penalty shot. its called a penalty because according to the real life rules it is a penalty. mkay?
  • yes but at the same time unlocking some bonus to make your player slightly better... lets say like 5% increase on all the default attribute areas would be nice for play 500 games or getting 100 wins or something like that. and unlocking funny equipement too was fun in the past. but eashl/drop-in games are pretty perfect.…
  • should be some fun, I always thought the drop in eashl should let you choose an arena or outdoor rink like an 'ea psorts big nhl street' like game. this should be a nice new fun feature.
  • so its coming back? or is this only for the outdoor pond mode and not eashl?
  • I always loved clown gear because its funny. name your player purple helmet and wear a purple helmet. lol. so much funny stuff you could do with it. people say 'when do you see an nhl game with funny gear' and I say its not nhl it is EASHL. lol. lots of fun and trolly stuff to do with the clown gear makes it so much more…
  • yes this mode is gona be so much fun especially online with 3 humans VS 3 humans. this is very exciting.
  • eashl is the only mode i really played the last 8 games. its the best and funnest ever. nhl threes looks like it will be just as fun.
  • for EASHL team or drop in, the first player should get to pick where we play, any rink, real of fake. indoor or outdoor ,etc.
  • edit: ok i figured out it was my 1,000 career point for this game.
  • the name calling does not always work. i saw '****' was a name option so i thought it was funny and i picked it but rarely hear the announcer say **** when calling my name,
  • very hard to human goalie...the bigger issue is when i light them up and they quit...if a human goalie quits a teammate should have to takeover or the team forfeits ...that should be the rule.
  • they changed the camera this year and i had to adjust but now i like it...all i play is eashl though. so much fun if theres 12 peeps...but usually only drop ins...but yeah it is fun
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