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  • @VeNOM2099 You kidding? I was playing 6's on a daily basis when 6's ACTUALLY MATTERED IN NHL 11 Where were you then ? Nowhere to be found. Its a strong consensus among the HARDCORE 6s community that NHL11 was the last great game where you could find a VARIETY Of 6's matches all the time . the talent pool was EXTREMELY…
  • Of course they are . one person admittedly sucks and the other person sucks jist behind the scenes . They cant comprehend valid critiscms coming from me or other users arent becuase we arent lacking skill, rather the game mechanic is ****. Its not where it needs to be . Even still those two monkeys are clowns who are…
  • @VeNOM2099 That a challenge ? You said I'm not good right right? Want to play a game of online vs. Or drop in ? You can pick wing, I'll pick either D Lets see what your excuse is. If you don't accept , then youre in the same boat at workin ot, which is useless
  • Exactly. Youre not. So excuse yourself from criticizing cogs . Done. Bye.
  • Lol @jmwalsh8888 Why even respond to that guy ? People love to talk a big game on these boards. They prob are average at best so credibility goes right out the window. I would love to play this goof @Workin_OT and mop the floor with him . I would laugh as I expose him and would make sure I beat and undress him so bad he…
  • I hope when I destroy the fairy coming down the rush with his mouthgaurd sticking out they have an animation of him going to fetch it to put it back in his mouth Hit and tbag> the puck
  • @silk Bruh everyone can be wearing shoes on the ice and you can have the only pair of ice skates , you still aint scoring
  • Ok. Well...anyways NHL 18 is righr around the corner and we will see how this defensive skill stick is . if done right can really separate the skill gap between players
  • @B-Bunny I'm being serious dude. Its utter **** for a DMAN to be lined up perfectly with how horrid tps is and how horrid thr servers are when pick any dam hockey game ever played at any level, d men are able to strip the luck carrier of the puck and knock it loose if the winger is being careless. In online vs. I get…
  • I'm just amazed you keep respond and bumping the thread . only reason why I'm responding to you is to keep this thread at top. Otherwise would have long ignored you by now lol. And the better player won the game . I don't care if I had 1 min of time on attack with 5 shots. When I got in zone I buried it . keep responding :)
  • Lol. @CrushNHL Gamertag name is : 'just make plays ' Lol. Oh the irony . the guy named 'just make plays ' couldnt make one more play lol. Honestly , I prob retired him from online vs. No matter how many other scrubs he beats , hes always going to know he just couldn't beat me :)
  • I just want the record to be clear becuase people lie . My first goal came becuase I did bank it off his goalie . that is true. My second goal came when I realized he wasnt taking control of d so I set up Kessler for a walk in. My third goal came when I again realized he was chasing with his c and I blew past cup d and…
  • Ahhahahahah Yea I fluked into a 4-3 Ahhahahahahaha I'll tell you the difference in the game bud. I controlled user Dmen becuase I'm not scared of going 1on 1 with anyone. When I undressed You for the 2nd goal of the game , you realized you suck at d. You tried backchecking with your center and leaving the d to your cpu.…
  • Even with my worst passing game I mopped the floor with him. He stopped taking control of his dmen becuase he was getting undressed . Got em :)
  • Quick highlight of the game :) http://youtu.be/fVGJfPpz7wQ
  • Just got done smashing him in an online vs game :) Poor kid actually thought he had a chance :) I dont duck anyoje kid. Now apoligize and eat it.
  • Whats your game ? Eashl or online vs? I can play an online vs game now .
  • Lol. You serious ? Was my Xbox on ? Yes. Was I in the dashboard ? Yes. Did I have the NHL game in ? No. Was I eating two declious chicken sandwiches? Yes. I'll be on NHL tonight . I dont play in lag central time . I wait for the east coasters to go to bed . :)
  • The scrubs will get offended Purpose of thread was to let the people playing club next year who actually have a legit squad to know there is a legit free agent defender
  • Let me know when they release the ratings for NHL teams if Getzlaf , kessler , and Fowler arent 99 in every category, I'm not gonna buy it .
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