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modes of play for Head 2 Head online

We have been playing this game for over a year. I am maxed out on power, equipment etc. I have sons and grandsons who like playing online from Texas, New Mexico and Missouri. We enjoyed playing the following modes in Tiger Woods games. However, Match, Skins, Alternate Shot, Best Ball and Four ball are not available for playing Head 2 Head online in this game. These modes are available on Play Now. How hard could it be to make them available for playing in Head 2 Head online? If there are no plans for a new game with these modes included please make this change so we can enjoy playing. It was expensive to change to the Xbox one so we could play this game when it came out. You have made so improvements to the game in updates. When will either a new game or more updates to this game come out? I am really disappointed in this game and EA Sports.
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