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No New game or Update for 2017(golf game has been shelved)

One omission from the discussion regarded a potential follow-up to "Rory McIlroy PGA Tour." The company originally planned to release a new golf game every other year, but it appears now the series has been put on the shelf. The McIlroy game was heavily criticized at release because of its lack of content — and, unsurprisingly, sales numbers disappointed. The loss of the license for The Masters hurt a great deal, and there were only nine licensed courses and 12 real golfers. More were added post-release, but by then the damage was done. The lack of a natural way to generate digital revenue in a golf game is likely another big factor for why a sequel isn't coming in 2017.

this news update was released Feb 2, 2017


  • Got a link to that information?
  • Google doesn't always catch everything, especially something as obscure as information about a shelved golf game....
  • bummer. I like golf games. I was looking forward to these games growing on the new consoles. if they release a new SSX I will forgive them haha.
  • I saw this piece as well. In a way, it's good to know that it's confirmed that RM PGA Tour is shelved. I will say that people do still play it quite a bit, as they do with TGC of course. When I play RM online, it takes me no time to get a match. It's arcade though.

    Again, good to know that there's an ending to this strange journey.
  • I also saw this pop up on my iPhone Google app under stories I might want to read...

    I didn't take it as 100% official nothing is coming. I took this as commentary and speculation from the writer based on EA not mentioning a golf game. It's very likely it is "spot on", but the basis seems to be opinion here. EA has not said "we are not releasing a golf game update". It just looks like that, for sure.

  • well, maybe 2018 with much content.. the mystery grows.
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  • True, although Pastapadre (the writer) is respected in the sports gaming community, it does feel like some speculation. And yes, it does seem spot on too though.

    EA does keep replying on Twitter though, even if it's the same answers. They could've easily pulled the plug.

    The mystery does continue I suppose, but at least it seems like it's put to rest for now which is refreshing.
  • cjs007 wrote: »
    well, maybe 2018 with much content.. the mystery grows.

    Could be.... if they didn't want to release another game with barely a bit more content. It would have been an epic fail. Clearly, EA didn't give much resources to make the last game.
  • I understand the decision to shelve this due to the roadblocks that have been hit. In its place, I would like to see the older TW golf series made playable on the new consoles (via backward compatibility). Even years later, I would still love to play Tiger Woods tour 14 on my Xbox One. That game never got old. New revenue stream from an old game EA???
  • I agree. Tiger Woods 14 is still my favorite and I have all of the current golf games and most of the old ones too. It is the most fun to play and has the most options and features by far. It is the only reason I'm keeping my Xbox 360.
  • well I hope this is not true. i'm still anxiously awaiting the new version this year.
  • That really sux.. I loved TW golf.. bought it every year. and the game was headed in a great direction with the addition of Augusta National.. sadly.. they took a year away to make RM PGA Tour and came back with less courses, less players, a gimmick neon golf skill mode and of course.. the loss of license to allow them to continue with Augusta National.. It hurt the game and the few extra courses they added last year just doesn't allow it to compete against its predecessors.. So disappointed in this game.. plays well but, hardly anyone ever played it.. especially at the top levels..
  • cjs007
    26 posts Member
    probably EA didn't want to release at the same time as TGC2. So i think 2018 will see next game.
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  • My prediction is EA will release a new golf game in 2018. It will be for the new systems coming out later this year (Xbox Scorpio, PS5) and it will be 4K compatible. At least this is what I'm hoping for.
  • wilde_sie
    35 posts Member
    edited March 17
    Ouf, I read on the old forum some peeps were buying new system just for the last golf game. I can't see those guys being tricked to do that again and from what I read, lots were ONLY playing golf games on their system. The only reason why I would see a new golf game in 2018, it's because EA is giving minimal resources for that, and they would need an extra year to make a decent product. A new game for a new console would probably be the same thing we just had with Rory.. 25% of a game.
  • Can't argue with your points. Now that I think about it, that's about all I ever play is golf games. My wife is always reminding me about that. But we can still hope for 2018. I'm looking forward for TGC2 to be released later this year.
  • if they do decide to release a new golf game and i have grave doubts if they will boy will they have to up their game to get a **** of a lot of folks back on board i for one will defo not pre order for sure ever again
  • cjs007
    26 posts Member
    summer 2018 PGA tour will release with much content and the masters or my name isn't hungsolo......
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  • cjs007 wrote: »
    summer 2018 PGA tour will release with much content and the masters or my name isn't hungsolo......

    I'll believe it when I see it.....and right now I am betting against them ever releasing another Golf game....
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