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  • Thank you for the video. I've passed it on to the dev team.
  • This is intended. It's not about being lazy. If the stick is passing through a body/object, it can't contact the puck. This is to simulate the time it would take to free your stick and be able to play the puck. The unique part of it is having your p…
  • Yep. I confirmed the dev team is aware of it. However, it's a lower priority since it's not affecting gameplay or prohibiting the game from being played. If there's news on this, it should be announced through our official channels.
  • @amxblade If this isn't fixed by Tuesday, let me know. I'm going to be out the next 3 days, but will be back then and can follow up on it if it hasn't been addressed yet.
  • Pass assist adds assistance to the pass when your aim is off. You can hit the wrong player if they are within the lane of the player you're trying to pass to. Turning down the assist will help with this. Can you get some video showing your passes g…
  • If RP/CR was based on individual performance, wouldn't it promote selfish play? People wouldn't be so concerned with being a team player and just focus on their own stats. While we can't comment on what's coming in the future, I don't see EASHL goi…
  • I believe they do, but I'm checking on that. As far as I know, this only occurs in the dressing room and once you're in the game it's back to normal?
  • They didn't pull the puck onside and then offside again. Once it crossed the blueline, they kept possession without going offside. This is an onside play.
  • There is no puck protection bubble. In your video, had they aimed their hit better, it would have connected.
  • We're not aware of anything that would cause your players to go into slow motion when winning. Can you get some video of it happening?
  • This happened because his stick is passing through the goalie's stick. I know the dev team is trying to improve this. In that video, it would make sense to still have the puck deflect off the skates even though their stick had passed through an obje…
  • I had a lot of luck with winning the faceoff and skating to the high slot for a far side wrister. It only took a couple of attempts to complete this challenge.
  • I'm really sorry for the delay with this. It's still being investigated.
  • I've sent your videos on this to the dev team. As far as the loose puck issue goes, I've been watching for a game where all loose pucks went to opposing players, but so far that's not happening. I'm causing a lot of turnovers. Regardless, I'll keep …
  • Yes. It's very easy to win faceoffs on this challenge so you almost always start with the puck. Win the faceoff, skate to the high slot and fire it far side. That accounted for probably half my goals on this challenge.
  • Thanks. They were appearing as screenshots at first. Sorry about that. Can you post video of a full period showing every loose puck going to opposing players? I know I have a number of instances in every game where opposing players pick up loose pu…
  • It looks like he's keeping control of the puck. Where in the video is he losing it which should be causing an offside call?
  • That's not really what I'm saying. There are other options for scoring, but if someone is solely focused on cross-crease one-timers and isn't going to look at other options, that's on them. I definitely get the frustration with facing the same shot …
  • Thanks for all the feedback. It's definitely appreciated, but we're also a lot more limited with just screenshots. Seeing why the AI players are taking the actions they are is something video greatly helps determine. As far as the AI always getting…
  • I don't know that the cross-crease is the most obvious way. There are many that force passes through traffic hoping for the best instead of adjusting their play. This isn't the obvious way to score as it's not being very successful, yet they still a…

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