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  • I hate malus since my very first server and will not play a regular classic server ever again.
    However, those who started this particular server had all the information necessary to know that this will take a year and will be boring a$f. Stop …
  • any information about 20.3? can't find any
    what are we testing?
  • (Quote)
    как ты предлагаешь этим заняться? до кого довести? я ж пишу что на той стороне не с кем разговаривать, нет не то что заинтересованности, а вообще по всей видимости никто в еа не догадывается о существовании игры
    in Funds Reply by chertosha July 2020
  • (Quote)
    you know, i think we assume too much of their knowledge, attentiveness or rationality. there are developers who run the game, there is ea who run the funds. they are completely different people who probably never met each other and…
    in Funds Reply by chertosha July 2020
  • (Quote)
    A lot of things are not mentioned in the arsenal. For example how much extra hp does a cobra shield give? It can give from 15% at very high levels to 40% at very low levels! And I'm sure putting a formula for that in the arsenal wo…
  • it is a feature, not a bug
    vertigos (nod) and firehawks (gdi) have a rule that splits damage between multiple buildings along the way
    not sure exactly, but feels something like 75%/20%/5% for 3 targets
    therefore there is a limit on…
  • EE_Elephterion, right now camps spawn in the range +3/-1 from max of defense/offense for levels below 50, and the switch to +0/-1 at levels 50 and above
    50 is an arbitrary level and maybe it was historically linked to max level of outposts whi…
  • if you kill the base in multiple attacks, many of the units you kill multiple times, so that is the extent to which you get more loot,
    also, buildings repair over time, so killing them multiple times gives extra resources
    think of what i…
  • (Quote)
    person 1 sends a substitution to person 2,
    person 2 enters and looks around at forgotten bases, for a few minutes, no longer than 30 minutes
    then person 1 logs into his account and cancels the substitution when entering…
  • (Quote)
    Yes, the sub was active for half an hour at most, half a dozen times, that cannot make up 18 days or 22 days. That cannot make up even 1 day in total. There is a bug and you gotta acknowledge that here. And fix it. You cannot just …
  • yes, we ran into this bug on tib 44 as well, on multiple accounts now
    there is one account which used the sub maybe 7-8 times for like half an hour to see front bases, and it says 18 days of active substitution out of 30 on the server, which i…
  • (Quote)
    I am not sure I received any. What do such packages include? There is a 2.5 day cap and 300 cp cap. Are any rt packages included? I can't tell because i have a bunch stacked up from previous pte worlds, did not keep track if any we…
  • (Quote)
    Your questions have precise answers.
    The activating distance is 4.5 ( 4 one direciton + 2 the other direction works ).
    The offense level needs to be no lower than tunnel level - 6.
    ( They tested -7 on some worlds …
  • if both camps spawned by the same base are killed simultaneously (within 1 second of each other or so), then only one camp respawns
    while you, or somebody else keeps killing that one camp, only one will keep respawning
    to get back two ca…
  • если ты исследовал пять баз и потом ставишь пять баз, на всех будет как на пятой
    если ты исследовал только вторую то ресурсов будет как на вторую
    если исследовать все 14 то на всех базах что потом будешь ставить будут ресы как на 14ой
  • if you want a quicker test maybe worth putting the minimum level at 55 or higher instead of the current 45
  • maybe both sides can agree to decide the server outcome with a rock paper and scissors match
    like these fifa players did:
    in Tib 42 Game is distorted. //opened by sentierorosso Reply by chertosha March 2020
  • This map of where people had issues with accessing EA on the night of the accident might explain why the team mostly based in the US could remain logged in on server while the team mostly in europe was mostly logged out: in Tib 42 Game is distorted. //opened by sentierorosso Reply by chertosha March 2020
  • (Quote) LOL, If you had any experience in such matters you would not write such ****.
    The question is relative: costs versus funds spent.
    Since you are clueless, boss baby, I'm asking those who have info.

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