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  • I think both methods have pros and cons: Pros: Potentially reduce crashes in Springfield due to the sheer volume of Krustyland. Perhaps EA is testing the waters to see if this can apply to other locations as well (Itchy and Scratchy Land, Camp Krusty?) Cons: Obviously since we mention crashes there is always a chance that…
  • I wouldn't want them because they will be silent characters; I would rather have Rainer Wolfcastle or Disco Stu because they will have voices. Personally I'm looking forward to Captain Mcallister and hopefully Superintendent Chalmers.
  • I wish I was. No I'm being serious, I work in child welfare and things like this aren't as rare as you think.
  • I know child welfare cases that opened because people sold their children at yard sales, so yeah.
  • Can't we all just get along? Seriously people it is just a game. Remember it's Mother's Day, you wouldn't kiss your mother with that mouth right?
  • Has EA even released a statements as to why they can't secure the voice rights for these characters?
  • Added Tom O' Flannigan and Mrs. Krabappel (why they slipped my memory the first time...) Also to better understand who we can expect to have voices I recommend checking out this Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Simpsons_cast_members If the character isn't voiced by the big 4 (Yeardley Smith only did…
  • Oops, forgot about him. Corrected.
  • By definition if Milhouse is silent you can expect Jimbo Jones, Rod Flanders, Sarah Wiggum, Patches, Malibu Stacy, Janey Powell and Mrs. Muntz will be silent as well... :/
  • I have a friend ( fl3xtra ) who needs friends and approximately 750 donuts to reach his 5500 goal and a pet snake. Anything people can send his way I would appreciate it. I'm a high level player and I'll be sure to return the favor during the next big social event (just let PM me). Thank you again. Again his name is fl3xtra
  • If the license isn't working I suggest you contact EA through their website and file a complaint. They will email you a case number and usually see to it in anywhere from 4-8 weeks typically. They may refund you those donuts.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I would like to point out that the license saves time. It cuts down the time I spend everyday whacking snakes. You know the old saying, "time equals money". I spent a relatively small sum of money that shaves off hours I would prefer to spend doing other, more productive…
  • The Elite License works; I have been using it for the last few days. Makes whacking snakes so much more fun, and profitable.
  • 1) WastecoatMay 2) level 27 3) 82 (1982 was the year I was born; it featured such classic films as The Thing, Cat People, E.T., Conan, Blade Runner, Gandi, The Toy, Poltergeist, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn, Sophie's Choice, Tron, The Dark Crystal, 48 Hours, The Secret of NIMH, First Blood,…
  • Yes, the customer/technical support is practically nonexistent. I still had 600 paid for donuts disappear after the *. Patrick's day update and they have not yet returned. Nor has anyone at EA responded to my inquiry.
  • She would sound weird however as the original voice actress passed away many years ago. The current one sounds really different.
  • So I've come to the conclusion that: A) EA has terrible customer service B) Apple is amazing They responded within hours of me addressing my concerns to them. While I enjoy The Simpsons and will continue to play I will be somewhat dubious of how much I invest in it given the lack of support I got from EA.
  • I'm noticing a pattern; so the harp glitch is giving people donuts... Yet is it taking them from other people? Seriously, this whole missing 600 donuts thing is really bugging me. :?
  • You too? Did your donuts return? I'm noticing more and more people complaining about missing donuts. How many went missing?
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