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Legends of The Hidden Temple Design!

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This is my best design for it so far. Others could probably do better. Maybe I'll tweak it later on.

The stands are for the studio audience like on the show. lol And the Steps of Knowledge are that stone thing with the pillers. I think that works good so far for the steps of Knowledge until I figure out another idea. 3d steps would use more of the "item cap" which I'm having issues again. Olmec I got surrounded with stuff to make him look like he's solid there. Made some obstacle course thing. And added the Lisa Eliminator to it which looks great with the area. The Stone Cutter square things I made indicate "rooms" like in the show where the Temple Guards usually are. :D

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  • teo47
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    This is fantastic - all that's missing is the darn room where they had to put the three piece monkey sculpture together and it always took forever!
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