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Found an Unlimited Donut Glitch!!!

The glitch is really easy to do. All you need to have is springfield downs and Kwik-e-mart.

How to recreate the glitch:
1. Have less than 3 donuts. If you have 3 or more, the glitch will not work.
2. Bet on a dog at springfield downs
3. Before the race finishes, buy a scratch-off ticket at kwik-e-mart.
4. Scratch off the ticket, but DO NOT hit okay
5. Wait a minute or 2 until the race finishes
6. Hit okay
7. Scratch off the second scratch-off ticket that will pop up.
8. After that, You should have a negative amount of donuts. You can buy anything you want, and your donuts will just keep going farther into the negatives. When the app is restarted or if you go to a friend's town and back, your donuts will be reset, but you will keep all of the premium items.
9. Remember, this can be repeated every 6 hours, as soon as the scratch-off ticket replenishes.
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