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Cecil's Items

So I rushed through and spent (WAY TOO MUCH MONEY) on getting the first 3 of the 4 major items that Cecil was offering. But the fourth item said "Mystery" and now I can't seem to access it. Is it just not available right now?


  • Bailing out projects cost me a lot of loot. Me coffers have run dry. It's like 2012 all over again.
  • Yeah i spent 40 mil for the first one, 60 for the second, and 80 for the third. BUT THERE IS STILL A FOURTH MYSTERY ITEM. And no character is triggering it. I didnt' spend all that cash to not giet that last item
  • Mine shows no such fourth item, it shows question marks with "Coming Soon"
  • wiedmannaj
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    It will come later, like it says.
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  • Rich0913
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    I spent the 20 million for the dam, the 2nd and 3rd I'm taking slow.
    1 million at a time
  • I have a question. When the new event (toaster time warp) started for me, I saw something about it costing $20 mil to build the dam, but now I can not find anything on my game about how to start it. Do you have to reach a certain level in the new Toaster "time warp"event to start building the Dam?
  • spritals148
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    Daily challenge tab top right corner, on the left of the window is a green tab (looks a bit like tickets) That's the tab for Cecil's aspiration task info.
    Hope that helps.
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