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Simpsons show question, some explain this to me

It's all about syndication rights.

Some networks have like 1-10 then 20-24 but not the middle ones, just due to money. Also, you have to look at who's pushing it out. They probably don't have a random generator, just whomever is picking and choosing.

So episodes like "Lemon of Troy" (Personal fav) "Lisa's First Word" "Stomping Day" all those you might see multiple times due to the fact the person cueing things up wants to show it.


  • gchelf01
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    edited February 2013
    Yea so far the last 3 times I've watched it's been that episode where homer gets promoted at the plant to the guy that gets accounts of other rich guys then they go on a rafting trip at the end. If its not that one then it'll be the one with the whale washed up on shore (very sad ep btw) seen that one a thousand times
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