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Anyone had one of these yet?



  • mellytan
    1258 posts
    edited February 2013
    Me too. Got one yesterday, and man I needed it.......I have a thing about trees at the moment, can't get enough trees

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing today while redesigning my second town. I need the money but I haven't won one 10k yet. :(
  • GKpiggy
    148 posts
    edited February 2013
    Got the jackpot once, too bad it is just money and not donuts. Also I wish they'd been a bit smarter in the design of the cards. If you scratch from left to right you instantly can tell what you won (well, if it is a bomb it is either 350 or 500) and it is boring. Have to scratch right to left to keep any mystery. I hope with updates they will occasionally update this, add more prizes, maybe a bigger gamble. A card that costs donuts and can give $$ or donuts or whatever would be fun, a better version of the misery box or buddha.
  • Rowanvdl
    242 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    2 times :wink:
  • HayIeycakes
    94 posts
    edited February 2013
    twice for me
  • Dannesand
    434 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    NeoSEC28 wrote:
    Yeah i got that two days ago for 1st time :) Was quite shocked as i didnt think it was going to happen :)

    The question is............ Has anyone got it more than once???

    EDIT: Lissa - Nice one on the Dogs win too :D

    I have won 10k 6 times now i think. I won 10k the second day this feature came.
    So its not that hard :-)
    Never bet on the greyhounds though, never won anything and costs too much to bet.
    I'll stay with the tickets:) You always win at least 350 and the ticket costs 250...
  • sherryt07
    3273 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    I've won the big jackpot on scratch-rs once so far.

    I bet on the dogs once a day, always picking the 9-1 dog. I've won twice so far. Gonna get a pic next time.
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