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  • Muhsterino
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    Animation bugs:
    orionsbell wrote: »
    • Giant Snow Globe - White Witch Burns, Ebeneezer Burns, and Jasper disappear when sent to the Giant Snow Globe task.
    • Victorian UFO - Kang and Kodos no longer stand in front of the Victorian UFO when tasked to do the Evil Chortle (16 hours). Instead they go behind whatever building/decoration is closest.
    • Casino Nessie and the Street Sweeper NPCs only walk around on Dirt Road (Old West) tiles.
    • The Parson's task with his golf cart only works on Dirt Road tiles
    • The Wiccans are stuck on the Dirt Road tiles.
    • The semi-transparent mask for the cloud released by the Sumatran Century Flower has gone missing.
    • The semi-transparent mask for the Valentines Cooling Towers smoke is missing. (never been there)
    • The semi-transparent mask for the Holo Theater projection has gone missing.
    Some of the mountains are still shaded where new land has been released:
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  • The Collider is still not able to use the 12H task, even though I have death mountain. It just says 'quest' by the task - all quests relating to this character have been completed.
    This problem seems to affect players who obtained the character when he was re-released during the Superheroes 2016 event.
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  • Muhsterino
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    da_caveman wrote: »
    This is rather odd. They had President Lisa, but no PolyVac. So there is not chance to actually do the quest that President Lisa starts with "Avoid molecules"
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 1 Make President Lisa Avoid Molecules- 8hrs
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 2 Make President Lisa Disrupt the Timeline- 8hrs
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 3 Make President Lisa Look Up Who’s Running for President this Year- 8hrs
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 4 Make President Lisa Run for President- 8hrs
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 5 Make President Lisa Oppose the Venusian Trade Pact- 24hrs
    Presidential Primaries Pt. 6 Make President Lisa Watch the Election Returns- 8hrs,
    Make Lisa Watch the Election Returns- 8hrs
    The FIRST 3 PARTS take place at THE POLYVAC. If a player receives the character from the thanksgiving 2017 box who did not take part in the 2016 Sci-if event they will not have the polyvac and therefore cannot do the quest line.
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  • Muhsterino
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    Update 29th November 2017:
    President Lisa's Avoid Molecules, Disrupt the Timeline and Look Up Who's Running for President this Year jobs can now be done at Brown House instead of just the PolyVac.
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  • Possible solutions to free fairy Kodos from her task at the Simpson’s house:
    From Tstotopix, October 2015:
    Today EA brought to us Fairy Kodos at the start of Act 2 as a new premium skin but something went wrong in the coding and a glitch may occur where her Flirt with Human Males doesn’t autocomplete. If Kodos’ task doesn’t autocomplete, move away from the Simpson House for a few seconds, come back, she’ll have the thumbs up icon on top of her. Another thing to try is going to Krustyland or friend towns’ screen and back to sync the game.
    Post on EA answers, October 2015:
    If Kodos is floating across your screen, keep playing until she's gone all the way across and disappeared and then a little while after that she should just be wandering around with a thumbs up above her head!
    Post on tstoaddicts, October 2015:
    Fairy Kodos is Stuck on the Flirt Task, How Do I Fix This? Readers have advised that it has to do with the Facade on the Simpson’s House. If it’s set to Everscream Terrors you can’t clear it. So what you’ll need to do is tap on Everscream Terros and chance the Facade back to the Simpson’s House. That should allow you to clear the task…
    Posted on Reddit 2 years ago:
    Sending adults to the simpsons house also fixed it for me. Had to do that and than close the game and reopen it.
    Posted on EA answers, December 2017
    Finally managed to resolve the issue. I logged on using my iPad - encountered the same issue, but followed the advice to let fairy Kodos fly to the other side of the screen and she then appeared with the thumbs up a few seconds later. This did not work on my iPhone - it was only by trying on a different device that I managed it.
    Posted on EA forum, December 2017
    I’ve played this on a 6s, 7 and now an 8. All up to date iOS. I’ll try from my iPad. Holy (insert a lot of curse words excitedly) the iPad released her! It was really weird tho, as soon as the board opened she flew across the screen super fast then bam she appeared in front of the house.
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  • Muhsterino
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    List of threads that may be useful with current issues.
    Issue with the game re-downloading
    Game not compatible with this device
    gooats wrote: »
    I had same issue with Galaxy S8 -Device not compatible after Halloween 2017 was done. Went so far to uninstall the game. Was able to solve after contacting EA Support. Appears to be a display issue. Make sure you know your Google Account sign in info before proceeding
    -Changed Display setting ->Settings->Display->Resolution -- changed from HD+ (1480x720) to WQHD+ (2960x1440)
    -Sign out of Google Account ->Settings->Accounts->Google -- tap 3 dots in top right corner and choose Remove Account
    -Clear Data from Play Store ->Settings->Apps->Google Play Store->Storage -- They had me "Clear Data" but may want to try to "Clear Cache"
    -Open Google Play Store and sign back into your Google account, then search for Simpsons Tapped Out.
    Screen resolution - Samsung devices
    marvin1826 wrote: »
    FIX FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S2 and probably others. Go to settings, lock screen and security, switch on unknown sources. Then download and install Samsung game tuner. This is officially not compatible but will work just fine. Open it, go to modes, change to maximum quality, then save. Don't forget to switch off unknown sources afterwards.
    Images showing Samsung Game Tuner in the Google Play Store on my iPad:
    The game just blew out of proportion on our S7s after a recent update and the Samsung Game Tuner worked perfectly.
    zoramac wrote: »
    The screen resolution playing on the galaxy S8 plus is zoomed in and you cannot get a larger field of view. Screen set at 2960x1440. It zoomed out fine on my LG g4 @ 2560x1440.
    After downloading Samsung Game Tuner....
    zoramac wrote: »
    awesome, that worked.
    sdhamblet wrote: »
    I tried this on my S8 and I'm still stuck at a low resolution, any other suggestions?......I actually managed to get this to work between adjusting the screen resolution in the performance manager and adjusting the setting to boost in the game launcher, and also setting the game tuner to max.
    0Brooders0 wrote: »
    I use a Samsung and when this happened to me a complete uninstall and clear all cache and history then reinstall worked.
    Also see this thread:
    simpsonare wrote: »
    Go to phone settings and display. Switch resolution to max quality. Restart phone and go to game.
    meinaz wrote: »
    I had change the resolution from FHD (1920x1080) to HD (1280x720) and waited for the whole thing to download and now my game is back to normal.
    Several issues including character button top left doesn’t work, Springfield Heights progress reset, tap radius on IRS building reset, redwood tree reset, Money Mountain reset, old event tasks reappear etc....
    Tapped out won't close on iphone X
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  • 8 hour fairy Kodos task still won’t compleate.......
  • 8 hour fairy Kodos task still won’t compleate.......
    Have you tried all the possible solutions that I found which I posted above on December 8th in this thread?
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  • Muhsterino
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    rockyb2006 wrote: »
    I just noticed today, that the Christmas skins of Bart, Lisa, and Ralph go to the Magic Academy for their 8 hour unemployment office task. This task is NOT premium. Each of the 3 characters have an 8 hour premium task, but it is listed 2nd in the task list, which means the Unemployment Office will never set them to it. I would just store the Academy, but I like that Sherri and Teri finally have an 8 hour there. Can’t EA just swap the 8 hour tasks in the list?
    No 4H task for Jasper skin 'Number 5':
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  • Muhsterino
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    Star Suit Maggie was available during The Invasion Before Christmas, but the 4H task is unavailable if players do not have the decoration 'Sacrifice your sheep to Odin'.
    Updated 'solo tasks required' list:
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  • Muhsterino
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    Problems with the character animation on the tailgate:
    Picture of the tailgate, other way round:
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  • There are an increasing number of visual errors, in addition to the ones outlined in the first post of the thread. Generally they occur when a building faces left.
    Characters on the stages are offset in the left pictures, right pictures are correct:
    Otto shovelling no where near the train in the left picture:
    Sepulchre animation not correct in the left picture:

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  • Another visual error, mentioned by @Schijtbuis. Also happens to Burns Dragon according to @qsergio29
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  • Muhsterino
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    [Rigellian Christmas Spaceship. Still animated after tasks are completed, also won't switch to the destroyed skin unless it is stored:
    Posted on 3 March 2018:
    FrogFaery wrote: »
    I kept my Christmas Spaceship out (for Ralph's 4 hour premium task) and noticed that it doesn't "shut off" after it's been assaulted. It has to be stored before it will return to normal. This is a newer glitch. Wasn't happening before the event, and I only noticed it after accidentally sending a few of the others to assault it.
    Satyr Willie quest Outfit for Willie released 18th December 2016. Devil Snowman was the first prize in act 2 of the winter event 2016. The task 'Eat Heartily' requires the Devil Snowman. The Devil Snowman was re-released during the winter 2017 event WITHOUT SATYR WILLIE COSTUME.
    Several players have the quest in their task bar but cannot complete it, one thread on this issue:
    Mona Simpson No quest line started / players do not have full task lists.
    Mindy Some players who recently obtained Mindy are STILL unable to do one of the tasks:
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  • New update says my device isn't compatible so now im unable to play.
  • Muhsterino
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    @jzandy84 please STOP posting in random threads. Read my post IN THIS THREAD dated December 8th 2017.
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  • EA, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you re-release items, CHECK THAT ALL TASKS CAN BE DONE before they are re-released. This seems to be a continuing trend, yet another example:
    Notre Dame of Springfield with Groundskeeper Seamus. THREE of his tasks - 1H, 4H and 12H - take place at O'Flanagan's Pub, which has not been offered again this year.
    Image from my town with the pub:
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  • March 20th Update (4.32; The Springfield Jobs)
    • Bart's Stomp on Grapes and Birch Barlow's Complain about Spend-o-Crats jobs are no longer temporary.
    • Bart's Nail Hit Song in Twenty-Eight Tries job no longer fades in on start.
    • The Collider's Sabotage Colossus's Plans no longer requires The Collider Pt. 4 to be started.
    • Marge now correctly ends Sexy Pirate's Seduce Marge job with him.
    • Bart's Play Yard Work Simulator is no longer on top of his job list.

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  • Muhsterino
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    Uninstalling and reinstalling will not help with this glitch. If possible, call or use live chat rather than e-mail, as these methods are generally quicker. If you call, the Customer Service Rep should do the rollback whilst you are on the phone.
    Posted 29 January 2018 by @hobbesisreal:
    Roll Back Game To Last Working Day. Generally speaking EA will resist to restore any donuts / purchased or earned inventory items that you gained between the roll back date and the current day it is done.
    The best way to approach this is to get them roll back your game IMMEDIATELY your game is broken so it is not a big deal of things you might have gained (and will lose) in that last 1-4 days.
    Information if you live in the UK:
    Have a note of your Mayhem ID, which you should include if you need to email. How to find your Mayhem ID:
    Earliest threads on this forum about the glitch Cases where variables were fixed, instead of a rollback (quotes edited)
    20 SEPTEMBER 2017
    DrHol1day wrote: »
    Just to update everyone, EA fixed the game today for me 9/20, with the initial issue noticed on 8/1. They did not do a rollback, but instead actually fixed the issues. I was very impressed. Everything was fixed except for the money mountain, which was half fixed.
    17 JANUARY 2018
    I will copy the text from my mail. I have logged into my game and it's all good at this time.
    I have checked this case and the Expert team said that you should be all set. This issue is the result of bugged variables, and the studio team have set all of them back to the correct state.
    The Studio has also credited you with 50 donuts for the wait.
    24 JANUARY 2018
    WOW!!!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!!!

    After my game being broken for nearly 4 months. I went through over 15 EA Customer Service (CS) reps. I was denied a roll back until after completing 6 events and by the time they offered to do a roll back they said I collected too many items so they would not restore any of them (even if I paid real world money for many of those items). So my choice was continue to play a broken game or do a roll back 4 months ago and loose all of the Halloween / Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas / New Years items I earned while they denied my roll back request.

    I was not going to loose all of the items I paid for with both time and real world money....so after 4 months I refused the roll back if they would not restore my items accrued while they stalled the roll back.

    But today a CS rep emailed that he fixed my game. I was worried he just rolled back my game and I lost all of my items over the last 4 months. .............. But all my items over the last 4 months were there! AND MY GAME NOW WORKS AGAIN!!!!!!

    I can now use the character button to jump to where a character is. I can now use Rail Yard and earn donuts. My IRS wide radius of clearing in a single tap works again. The mini games all work again. So I do not know what he did..........BUT there is a solution that EA has to keep all your current items and design AND Fix A Broken Game with this glitch!!!!!!!!!
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  • Muhsterino
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    Players who recently bought Fatov cannot use the 1 hour task with Homer, as it also requires the Springfield Games Podium which was not included.
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