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Awesome glitch

So I would like to share a tale with all of you out there in tapped out land about my friend (whose name shall be left off in case EA try's to rectify their error). My friend experienced the common glitch with the El Chemistri construction, becoming locked out of your town with a frozen screen. When he asked for my advice, I told him to let the screen sit for awhile and see if that unlocks it.

Last night he gave it a shot and like magic it worked. He was pleased. He was immediately prompted with the "donut game" for those of us maxed out on level 26. He scratched and revealed a single donut. Deciding it wasnt good enough, he payed the $50K for another reveal, which uncovered two donuts. He again decided to pay $50K to try again and to his shock he wasnt charged. This time he unearthed the covetted triple donut. However, upon revealing the three glorious treats he was prompted again to play. Curious, he accepted to pay the $50k and once again was uncharged. After earning his next treats he was prompted again to play and again it was free. After repeating these steps for close to 30 minutes, his game froze and kicked him out.

When he logged in again he was shocked to find that all the donuts he reaped, remained. In the end he earned over 900 donuts, putting him at over 1000 (including the 125 donuts he earned from the Christmas adventure). Fearing EA would learn of this error, he quickly spent all but 50 donuts on premium buildings and characters.

Moral of the story - I hate my friend
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