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OLD-PLEASE USE LATEST POLL - Harp crash! Have you been able to get back in?



  • Tomb0w
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    edited March 2013
    OK so this is my second time I've had the harp freeze. First time was after building chief Wiggum house and now El Chemestri. Took a week to get out of the first and only 3 days to get back into it. Currently on level 26 and maxed out my xp and got level up which were a few donuts!
    EA have yet to create a level 27 therefore every time we max out our xp we get a harp freeze from my experience.
    Have installed latest update from app store prior to going back in to the harp freeze, not working for me, I don't have access to an iphone 5. The waiting game begins again.....!

    Sort it out EA
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