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Anyone have houses moved on property they didnt buy?

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I've lost a bunch of my land ****!!!!!!
Is there anyone out there?


  • battyguy
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    edited April 2012
    If i call EA customer service **** does it really matter?
    Is there anyone out there?
  • arles7
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    edited February 2013
    Wow, this is interesting...

    Did you get to keep the land? Or did you lose it and the buildings moved back.
  • sellhigh378
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    edited February 2013
    Never seen this happen, have all the land now so just hoping for a future update with a land expansion as I am running out of space though I would hate to see the cost of new land as the last one I bought was $135K.
  • GZero604
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    edited February 2013
    This happened when the game first came out. Look at the date of the first post.
  • Potshot_Loki
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    edited February 2013
    I heard it was a bug from when you visited a friends springfield that had the same building on a piece of land you have yet to unlock. A first release bug.
  • mall07ry
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    edited February 2013
    I had two houses "disappear" on me, so I switched one too the Christmas decorations and it reappeared.

    I got a screenshot too of it, it's like a pile of rubble instead of houses.
  • dischia
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    edited February 2013
    Please have a screen shot when posting...
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