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Game Lag Issue

I recently went to play Tsto and noticed my games is REALLY slow. I did the normal things like going to a friends town, krustyland and the other normal fixes to no avail. I was just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I didn't hit the maximum limit or have even hit the 5500 limit warning for devices.


  • I've not really noticed any difference to the game in terms of lag, it still runs quite slow on my old tab 3 but no slower than normal, I play mostly on my S8 now and is running fine even with some 9000+ items.
  • simp7fan
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    That happens to me. Maybe it's due to how much storage space you've used up.
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  • cimddwc1
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    Sometimes happens to me too. But it's usually normal again after a force-close and restart for me.
  • I have been having the same problem.I just figured it was the battery on my CHEAP phone,different story.
    Even put it over to my SD card brand new by the way but still same lag. So now I am wondering if its the new upgrade we got with the new act,or if I should just get a tab?
  • My storage space is fine and I have an Ipad Air 2, so I don't know if that is considered old now. I have used this Ipad for 2 years now and just started lagging tonight. Thats why I posted the question, I thought maybe if it was an ea server problem others would say the same thing.
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