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How much is the pink Lard Lad building usually?

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edited June 2017
I don't know what it's called, but I want to save up donuts for it. And yet, I also want to buy the bunny snare that's offered right now.


  • 00becker
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    I think it was 150 last time we saw it.
  • According to TSTO it was 120, either way it has a very nice look, the Retro style accentuates any town, compliments for your taste.

    Good luck tapper.
  • meinaz
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    The retro lard lads that came with Laird Ladd? If it is that one, it was 120 donuts.
  • 00becker
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    I like that number a lot more :smiley: Thanks for the correction.
  • I think it's in a mystery box with a shed load of other things tho, so good luck!
  • simp7fan
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    It's not. I regret not getting it. It's such a pretty pink. I hope for its return.
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  • During a Tie-in event, with the "new" lard Lad and the cinnabon building, nice event, nice premium-building and character.

    My philosophy in a nutshell:
    Limited time characters are available for a limited time.
    Buy them before they're gone.
    Permanent characters will always be there, buy them during a sale.
    Skins dont matter unless thay are awesome sauce or have event payouts.
    Dont buy non-character bundled buildings or Funzos, unless they are on sale or look cool.

    An example of a cool building wall that i would buy.
  • simp7fan
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    The Vault nullifies one of your nutshells, but otherwise a fine list.
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  • Thanks for the responses everyone! Looks like I'm okay to buy the pink Lard Lad if it ever comes up again. :)
  • Pink Lad flies under the radar , huh? Doesn't get talked about on here, but this building is one of the most satisfying ones they've turned out. The sharp look of it improves Springfield visually, conjures up memories of 50's diners, and basically it makes me happy to light the joint up. The Character is a bit of a character too, he passes the absurdity test and makes me chuckle.
  • I believe Retro Lard Lad w/Laird Lad is among the possible contents of the upcoming 4th of July Mystery Box.
  • smitty959
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    simp7fan wrote: »
    It's not. I regret not getting it. It's such a pretty pink. I hope for its return.

    I hope it comes back too. I regret passing on it. Now every time I see it in a neighbor's town, I want it.
  • Don't worry, it's coming.... And waaaaaayyyyyyy cheaper than it was before. ;)
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