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Medieval Mystery Box

These are great value.

Picked up the Two-nicorn, Shadow Knight Throne with Shadow Knight, the Castle of Equalia wwith Queen Helvetica and the Notre Dame of Springfield with Groundskeeper Seamus.

The original price of these four items was 595 donuts and all four in the mystery box came to 240.

I love these re-release bargain boxes!


  • Yup, I got the Two-nicorn and Shadow Knight with Throne. Very happy!
    I had the other stuff already, so those were the only 2 things available to me.
  • Picked up the Two-nicorn immediately and now the only other thing in there for me is the Shadow Knight Throne. Not sure whether to buy it - I know it has a 2.75% bonus but does it earn any money/XP? I already have a couple of premium skins for Bart and so I'm on the fence here. Would anyone that already owns it recommend it?!
  • simp7fan
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    I like this box better than the previous box. I'm tempted to get at least 3 of these choices.
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  • I was disappointed that the unicorn was a npc. I didn't know the throne was another skin for bart either, but the donut cost was pretty cheap.
  • I have 5 items in there and am a bit torn. I know the items are pretty cheap compared to their original cost, but I really want the 4th of July Box items. Is the throne the only item with a bonus? Lisa, Bart, two-nicorn, Seamus and tent.
  • Got the Notre Dame, fits in fine with the Eiffel tower.
  • asiafinest wrote: »
    I was disappointed that the unicorn was a npc. I didn't know the throne was another skin for bart either, but the donut cost was pretty cheap.

    While Two-nicorn IS an NPC, if you have Furious-D, Two-nicorn gives him a (super?) premium 16-hour task, that pays $1500 and 400XP.

  • infinite_jests
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    edited June 2017
    Really on the fence - I have shadow knight; two-nicron; castle; catapult; barbarian statue; and freak show tent available. 60 donuts is "cheap" but the first three are the only ones semi-interesting to me. Have no desire for last three (unless others have thoughts differently?). I don't have furious d so the two-nicorn is just a npc for me.
  • twonicorn is a must have imo, nothing beats this rainbow-puking abomination
  • I have been KEM farming saving up waiting for this mysyery box to come. Now that it has I am wondering to.I know its only 60 donuts and I have the same things in mine as everyone else which I have none.i was really thinking about the Egyptian Playground it has 2.22% pay out.Just not sure any thoughts!!!!!!?
  • So this box was to good to pass up I opened up one got shadow knight and found out that was once only offered for 200 so win there. Then I got shamus and the twounicorn. Gave up after that I think I did great did I?
  • My options are the Two-nicorn, Shadow Knight Throne and I think i'm going to pass on these.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Now they need to make the Shadow Knight it's own separate character and not a skin to Bart. With multiple versions of the same characters running around. It makes perfect sense for the Shadow Knight to be a separate character.
  • meinaz
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    I got the three things available to me-Shadow Knight, Equalia and Two-nicorn. I couldn't pass up such a good deal.
  • tonykzr
    237 posts Member
    Knight, Equalia, twonicorn and ND/seamus

    wanted only seamus, got in 3rd try.
    don't want lisa skin + castle, but who knows.
    maybe change my mind in 2 weeks

  • daved7637397
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    edited June 2017
    I got the freak show tent and the Homer barbarian statue. Still have the two-nicorn, which Ive wanted for a while, Lisa's castle (I need another castle like I need a hole in the head) but if the skin pays premium I guess its not too bad, catapult and shadow night. Since I want the two-nicorn it will come up last I'm sure.
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  • Rich0913
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    Got the shadow knight for 60 donuts
  • anaquarind
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    I had the Unicorn, Shadow Knight, Equalia and Freak Show Tent.

    The only one I didn't want was the Freak Show Tent which I got first of course. Am I reading this right, there's no multiplier and no payout? Feeling pretty empty about this.
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  • adruralo
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    edited June 2017
    Just the one option, the shadow Knight.
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  • You got the 3 best ones @frogkiss1
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