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It's been a while. You should see how your Springfield is doing.

Tortyreus wrote:
Gahh! Is anyone else getting this EVERY OTHER HOUR? I play this game at least 10 times a day, I think I know how my Springfield is doing. Is this a known glitch or just EA trying to be ironic?

Just out of curiosity do you have a second account on your device? I get that same message to but I think that is because I originally created a town then abandoned it then started a new town on a second account.


  • Tortyreus
    108 posts
    edited February 2013
    Not on this device, although I did have a crappy one earlier but when my Iphone crashed so badly it wouldn't turn back on Apple send me a new one and then I created an Origin account to make sure I didn't lose progress again. But that other Springfield isn't tied to my Origin account in any way. And it's only since 2 days ago I started getting these messages by the hour, but I've had this town since November, if not earlier.
  • capwhittaker
    258 posts
    edited February 2013
    Yeah I turned off notifications cos of this a while back.
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