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Finally back in!!

I got mine back this afternoon, about freakin time. Hopefully everyone else's works too :-)


  • pbarrett1
    20 posts
    edited February 2013
    Finally back in!!!! No long wait. No big donut bonus either. But back in. Everyone there missed me :)
    If anyone cares, am running an iPad 3
    Sending good wishes and strong hope for all others stuck.
  • badtzm
    10 posts
    edited February 2013
    Im back in too but i noticed i lost a level almost. I was almost 27 and now im back to the beginning of 26 again. Which really sux and no extra donut and amlost 2 weeks lost herein the game.
  • pbarrett1
    20 posts
    edited February 2013
    Well, that was short lived. Its back again.
  • bekyboo83
    36 posts
    edited February 2013
    Same here. No bonus, but just glad it's finally back after 10 days for me. Withdrawals!!
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