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Update crash?



  • TruEvilRegal
    65 posts
    edited February 2013
    I wonder if the update helped with any glitch issues...
  • cool2006
    788 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    Mine worked fine but don't see anything different
  • mitsuhoney
    261 posts New member
    edited February 2013
    slegary wrote:
    mitsuhoney wrote:
    Sigh I am getting really tired of this **** now I am about to call iTunes and ask for all the money back from this game cause EA can never get their **** together and allow a game to work perfectly. Its just so hard for them to have something perfect.

    This isn't the only game from EA that screws up continually. Ever since they joined with origin their customer service has non-existent.

    Anyways, the issue seems to be fixed now...

    Youre right. I have the same "not able to play" problems consistently with The Sims. Since EA joined Origin, I think they are just making a name for themselves in the Worst Video Game Company In The History Of Video Games. I so badly want TSTO and The Sims to change companies, I am so tired of EA and their ****.
  • sherryt07
    3273 posts Member
    edited February 2013
    Some people say the update took out Gil.
  • Zombies8MyDingo
    209 posts
    edited February 2013
    Same here. EA gets better and better at this. Why crash in game after the update when we can just as easily crash during it? Far more efficient.


    Yep, crashes on iPad mini and original. Will try iPhone (heavily invested in iTunes infrastructure sadly, so I'm Apple's *) but don't hold out much hope for it...


    I'm in, I take it back, I love you really EA. don't take away my town...

    And I closed the game as soon as I got in. I'm so fickle..
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