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After sir-putt-alots...

If you have butterfatts, flower shop and putt a lot you have them all. As far as buildings go.


  • sherryt07
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    edited February 2013
    slegary wrote:
    Is there anything to be bought with the hearts? I want to cash my hearts in but I want to be sure I have everything...

    The Valentines update build menu consists of buildings and decorations. You can buy only one of each seasonal building; so when you buy it, it disappears from the build menu. You can buy as many of the seasonal decorations as you want, so they will stay in the build menu until the update ends. Any seasonal buildings you haven't purchased will no longer be available as well.
  • mwdalton
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    For an embarassingly long time I thought the Alligator was holding a red heart-shaped box of chocolates, in fitting with the valentines theme...nope, they're boxing gloves! :oops:
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