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Can someone please fill me in?

Glitch seems to be fixed for most players. 2 weeks of no play


  • P003htb
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    edited February 2013
    facemobben wrote:
    Glitch seems to be fixed for most players. 2 weeks of no play

    Anything else?
  • darylh89
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    edited February 2013
    Harp glitch was when the game would freeze on the splash screen and the donut would stop spinning and a harp sound would just keep playing. Was locked out myself for two weeks at the start of Feb because of it.

    The donut glitch was when you levelled up and got to pick one of the boxes to win 1,2 or 3 donuts but it just kept going for ages resulting in loads of free donuts.
  • katehutson
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    edited February 2013
    Pretty much people on level 26 are having problems after building the wiggum house and el chemistri, the exp seems to be locking people out and their not able to get back in. Some are saying if you have an i5 you leave it unlocked on the main screen and then eventually you'll get in a get up to 1000 donuts as a 'sorry'.
    Now there's an update and it might be fixed, might not be, who knows.
    About the glitch though, someone posted about their theory's yesterday and it kinda shines more light on it,
    Pretty sure it's something like harp glitch theroies/ what's causing it.
    It's a fluster cluck.

    Even rumours about a new donut glitch and scratch tickets now,
  • teamzap17
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    edited February 2013
    I just got the harp loop thingie after downloading the update today. Man, it blows, since I was able to play in my town a minute before I got the update.

    I built all of the Level 26 buildings fine too... Man...
  • dom2973
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    edited February 2013
    It came back last night and the update did not fix it. I couldn't log in for 3 weeks last time
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