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When Did You Start Playing Thread

So I thought I'd see what veterans we have in here. And who's been around for a big chunk of time. Post your starting date and how you feel you've done over the time you have played. Feel free to also state level and donuts per 4hrs.

I came in around Mar.-Apr. 2014. Though I have been off and on and never knew of KEM farming until recently. I've been back and forth between off to casual to hardcore 2014 -mid 2016. But ever since Thanksgiving 2016 when I got back into playing, I've been pretty hardcore with my free time. Between now and thanksgiving I missed a week of the China update and took a mild break during pin pals after completing quest. But I feel I've been playing this game religiously and it certainly is a big part of my day lol. Feel free to share your Simpsons trek with others as well. I'm level 750 and get 2 to 3 donuts every four hours and try to play 4 times a day or more depending if I want hr quest or 4hrs.


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