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When Did You Start Playing Thread



  • Whacking day event, my favorite event this far
  • February 21 2012 - initial day it was open to Canada iOS users. Have collected every item released. Multiplier issues irrelevant - just finding the time to redo sections torn down or put away for redesigning.
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  • gf0061
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    I started midway through the Valentine event in 2013 and had no idea what was going on.
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  • Late into the Monorail event.
  • Second half of 2013, before the THOH XXIV. Since then daily (as long as I wasn't sick or other things which forbid me to play).
  • Pinpal00
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    I downloaded the game sometime around the release, played anonymously, bought some scratch-Rs, and deleted it after a week or so.

    A few months later, I bought a new tablet, downloaded the game again and played as casually as can be, mostly skipping events like Whacking day. That is, until I discovered this forum during Stackables and became properly obsessed! I've been going back and forth between those extremes ever since.

    My point is I'm not really sure what counts as a proper start to the game for me!
  • Right before whacking day in 2013, missed the original st. Paddys day stuff. Daily player since.
  • Rich0913
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    I started playing just before the stonecutters event. I just got my 3 year badge from the forum today.
  • Donna4612
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    Started late Dec 2012. Didn't realize that the Christmas event would end and shocked that I lost all those coins. Googled for help and found this forum. Been a constant player since.
  • Started a week or two into Clash of Clans and have played pretty much daily since :)
  • Love the fact that people start late and stil play. This is whats great about this game, there Are no "right Or wrong"-way to play.

    I think My country was one of the original release dates. But when they pulled the game, i forgot too check and it was about 1-2weeks into the release when i realised the game was up and running again.
  • I started playing just after Valentine's Day 2013. Strictly freemium at the start, it was The Stonecutters event (June 14) that turned me to the 'dark side' :) (I HAD to have all of them!) Now, 4 and a bit years later, I'm 2 characters away from having all taskable characters (The Grumple and Mutant Rabbit are my 2 missing ones) I'm level 939, play 4 or 5 times a day and I still love this game!
  • September 2015. My sister, mom and roommate chipped in for my tablet for my birthday. I had a friend, still plays and has been I think from early 2014 but doesn't do any forums and he was showing it and FG to me on his tablet.
    The minute I had the tablet set up I immediately went and got TSTO. Caught the end of the first monorail, enough to get stations and recycling but missed the actual monorail workshop so had to wait for the second release of it.
    First full event was THOH wailing walls edition and played it figuring it out as I went along.
    Didn't post here (lurked for about a month when I finally found you all) till August 2016. I did figure out the importance of multiplier and conformometer early on on my own but picked up mega tips from you all since then.
    Now I'm lvl 939, farm 48 KEMs, collect about 15-20 donuts a day if I grind more if I drop into IGC and have a 543% multiplier. I don't stockpile % items but may start and don't house farm for IGC cuz I don't like the look in my town.
    Have played all but about 20 days total in all the time I've had my tablet. :)
    The fun bit was within a month I had passed my friend and have been showing him tricks since then :)
    Btw @bette3900 I had to laugh at you appropriation.
    This is a great thread, I love hearing all your stories :D:D
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  • Oct 2014. I even got Barbarian Homer. :smile:
  • I started playing a long time ago with a town on the Android system not long after it was available for that format but the game I'm currently playing originally belonged to my son who started to play on a ipod touch around the inital release and I ended up taking it over as he lost interest in the game and his town had more premium content than mine although at some point I transferred from Apple to Android.
  • Can't really say for sure (my memory isn't that good), but it was back in 2012. It wasn't until 2013 that I realized that to really get the most out of the game you need neighbors, and I've tried to maintain 101 at all times (I still have quite a few of my original neighbors). I don't really house or KB farm, but I do find if you visit all your neighbors daily you're pretty much guaranteed donuts (I've gotten anywhere from 1-6 a day during visits). And I always play the Find Maggie game (have more then enough cash to never settle for less then 3).
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