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Change in Donuts Use Recommedation

Donuts are a joke. The game tricks you into wasting your donuts in the tutorial then "rewards" you with 1 miserable donut every now and then when you need nearly 100 to get anything meaningful. No way am i buying them on such a buggy game. I'm playing on android and cant restart the game - ever - so it seems, and who knows if they will or can introduce Origin/logging in to the android version. My guess is if they ever do peoples games are likely to get trashed (based on past experiences of members here). I just plan to ignore donuts for the entire time I bother to keep playing.


  • menace1211
    1677 posts
    edited March 2013
    I couldn't agree more Eric. I know I have at least lost 20 donuts the same way. The Lard Lad idea is great.

    Does anybody know if the leprechaun will occasionally drop donuts? Homer says it does in the storyline. I haven't got any yet.

  • misheemabi
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    edited March 2013
    I totally agree with Ericfisher1. It is way to easy to spend your hard earned money, which are spent on donuts, by accidentally speeding up something. It seems you, EA, did it on purpose because you thought we wouldn't spend enough. If you make the awesome premium items with awesome rewards, people will buy them. You will have happy customers and not ones who feel you cheated them out of their donut unwillingly. Food for though,EA.
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