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Act 3 and shovels



  • Willy9292
    1785 posts Member
    360 shovels. All excavation prizes, first three regular prizes.
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  • 149 shovels, 4th ex prize, 1st track prize.
  • rw228
    1060 posts Member
    Had 1183 shovels. Finished all excavation prizes. Am 1500 from the last prize.
  • cimddwc1 wrote: »
    I had 301 shovels and made the last excavation prize - which, by the way, is an actual bridge that can go across water, yay! - with 19 shovels left, and I almost got the 2nd prize of the act (the land token).

    You did better than me. I had a few more than you and I still have 6 gems to go before I get the bridge!
    Update: finally reached the last prize in excavation. Now going to save shovels for a while. I hate doing excavation with only 14 at a time!
  • wadebear
    4183 posts Member
    More than 500 shovels (I lost count). I got all the Excavation Prizes, Pirate Prize 3, and the Mermaid Petting Zoo.
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