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Task manager selection question

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Why isn't the highest paying task the default for each length task? Has it always been this way?
For example all the kids have a premium 1 hour task of go on a field trip but that isn't the top task so the task manager sends them on their normal task.


  • wiedmannaj
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    Yes, it's always been this way; it selects the highest task on the list, not the highest paying, necessarily.
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  • daved7637397
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    edited June 2017
    Its at the top for Mozart, ahead of his normal 1 hr task. At least it is for me, I woyld inagine its the same for everybody but who knows with this company
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  • rw228
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    Okay thanks. I thought when it was first released it selected the best option. Maybe I just thought it was doing that and didn't pay attention that close. Seems like they should fix this.
    I tried to use the search feature but it just kept logging me out each time.
  • wadebear
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    I'm not sure how it's done but there's some way to change it because mine keep changing. Homer's default 4 hour task in my Premium towns used to be to Eat at the 360 degree buffet, now it's "Drink at Moe's Brewing Co." I managed to change it to something else briefly by storing and replacing buildings, but it reverted.
    His 8 hour task also used to be "Eat Insanity Peppers" at the Insanity Cauldron (handy for first thing in the morning), but now it's "Fall into the Wormhole" at the Polyvac.
  • simp7fan
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    Interesting @wadebear. I'll have to try that. Super annoying having non-visuals to of visuals. Maybe I can change that. :)
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